PLUTO 浦沢 直樹 x 手塚 治虫 008 E–pub Download

PLUTO 浦沢 直樹 x 手塚 治虫 008 E–pub Download

The seven great robots of the world 2 Lack of colorThroughout the whole series my only constant complaint is the black and white illustrations Don t get me wrong they don t look bad at all but at the beginning of every single volume there are six to ten colorful pages which just look SO MUCH better I nderstand that it might be too expensive to color the whole book but even the black and white illustrations with additional shades like the first eight pages in Act 63 are so much appealing than the rest of the artworkVERDICT 35 out of 5Although a little bit rushed Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 008 by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki is a great ending to a great story with a powerful takeaway However just as I predicted in the very beginning you really need to read ALL eight volumes to truly The Best Man in Texas understand and appreciate Pluto seriesPOST SCRIPTUMCheck out my reviews of the previous seven volumes1 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 001 2 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 002 3 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 003 4 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 004 5 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 005 6 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 006 7 Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 007 Not much can be said without spoilers but the final installment of this manga series does not disappoint I still haveestions but that was a very satisfying conclusion So in the end Pluto was a great series but it didn t run as deep as Monster or 20th Century Boys did The Prodigal Comes Home (Mirror Lake, unfortunately I really enjoyed the books but felt that after Gesicht made his exit that the series started rolling down the hill rather than racing towards a climactic ending Speaking of which I also felt that the ending was wrappedp entirely too swift and neatlyThe artwork was strong throughout the series I really enjoy Urasawa s character designs and I definitely saw several that were reminiscent of his previous works I would definitely recommend the series for a swift read if you re not feeling like getting into something incredibly complicated and involved Series review Spoiler free For Pluto anyway original Astro Boy spoilers allowed you ve had 50 years the spoiler statute of limitations has expiredAs far as I m concerned this is Urasawa and Nagasaki s masterpiece It s a reimagining of The Greatest Robot on Earth a story arc from the 1952 1968 manga Astro Boy Tetsuwan Atom in Japanese by legendary manga creator Osamu Tezuka formally known as a god of manga Urusawa and Nagasaki s version takes place in the aftermath of an obvious parallel of the 2003 invasion of Ira It s a mystery and a war story and absolutely magnificentI m not sure how this might read to someone nfamiliar with Astro Boy Personally I can only ever see this story through Astro Boy colored glasses which I assume is expected Atom is one of the two children s characters to be significant to me as an adult than they were as children The other being Winnie the Pooh So if you ll indulge me I m going to talk a bit about Astro Boy before moving on to PlutoI have no memory of watching Astro Boy as a child I m honestly not sure if I ever saw any or not By the late 80s early 90s when the whole anime thing started to be a thing in the US the character was familiar with his cute but sort of creepy child robot body but I think the stories were considered too dated and childish to be popular with American anime fans and Tezuka s art style was not particularly appealing to me But it has always been considered a classic and I was living in Japan in 2003 when a TV reboot started airing and the show simply floored meAstro Boy is very clearly aimed at children This fact is obv. He greatest robot on earth Final.

Pluto ends as strong as it started Atom is back that much we knew However what is his answer to the growing danger that is Pluto Will he strike out in anger He now has emotions that he has never felt before after being reborn However if he goes after Pluto can he win The two dish it out while something nder the earth is rumbling and every human is worried that the end of days is here This hits some great emotional bits Saying goodbye to various characters and seeing their secrets and last moments is super sad but very effective The art is great as always and some epic action shots really elevate this volume The ending is touching yet meaningful and the only way it could end really The villain and some side plots seem to get lost a bit or rushed though Overall fantastic What a great series One good volume and 7 great fantastic volumes You don t see that every day A 45 out of 5 There couldn t have been a better end to the story It was kind of predictable in the end still there were Hawks Way Grooms (Hawks Way uite a few twists and turns in the way The ending message is really powerful Will there ever be a day hatred will disappear from earth Once that day comes earth will bloom with the flower of peace I am sure nobody can suppress their tear after the finale of this series I keep forgetting that the author likes his cliffhangersI wouldn t be surprised if his house was on the edge of a cliff lolFantastic series WHAT IS IT ABOUT Pluto Urasawa x Tezuka Volume 008 by Naoki Urasawa and Takashi Nagasaki is the last book in an eight book science fiction manga series Pluto The whole series is based on The Greatest Robot on Earth the most popular story arc in Astro Boy series written by a legendary manga master Osamu TezukaThanks to Gesicht s memory chip Atom aka Astro Boy wakesp However he is different provided with the memories and emotions of the other six great robots of the world Atom has learned to hate Bu will his hatred and anger be enough to finally stop Pluto the murderous robot controlled by his villainous creator and to save the Earth from the impending apocalypseTHUMBS UP1 Great ending to a great storyThe last volume just like the whole series is action packed thrilling and suspenseful but at the same time extremely thought provoking and touching with complex and relatable characters As before the illustrations are very detailed realistic and simply gorgeous However Pluto Volume 006 still remains my absolute favorite with the fifth book as a close runner p check out my previous reviews to see why Moreover detective Gesicht is BY FAR my favorite character I still cannot believe that after reading the very first volume I dared to call this robot passive and boring Ha2 Important takeawayAlthough every single volume is thought provoking and touching in its own way the main message nothing comes of hatred and its gravity become clear just at the very end As a bonus feature in the eight volume s postscript co author Takashi Nagasaki beautifully summarizes the takeaway of Pluto series and also builds a very convincing case speculating on what Osamu Tezuka meant by his famous story s title The Greatest Robot on Earth COULD BE BETTER1 Rushed wrap pComparing to the excellent story building in the earlier volumes the last two volumes seem a little bit rushed as some revelations are way too convenient not very logical and thus less realistic Also it feels like the authors were just too eager to wrap things p and did t bother to tie some loose ends For example I might be missing something but how exactly is the evil teddy bear involved in the assassinations of. A new vision based on Astroboy

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Ious not only in its characters but in the sincere surreal goodness it espouses It s comically wholesome The sort of world where enemies almost invariably become the best of friends once defeated The sort of naive worldview that I ite honestly sneer at But I wasn t sneeringI don t know if the series managed to thread some invisibly tiny needle or deployed some classified superweapon like Inspector Gesicht s Zeronium shells to pierce my cynical armor but somehow it got through and I adored itBut while the tone of the series is predominantly one of childishly sincere pure optimism it s not entirely free of darkness There are glimpses of loss and grief Slight Astro Boy spoiler Atom s original creator Dr Tenma is perhaps the character who most represents the darker view in the series Atom was originally created by a deeply grieving Dr Tenma to replace his biological son Tobio who died in a car crash Atom himself was abandoned when Tenma realized Atom could never take Tobio s placeIn Volume 4 of Pluto a visitor to Dr Ochanomizu mentions the word seizensetsu the idea that mankind is inherently good I had never heard the Japanese term before but it fits the 2003 series to a T I don t have enough familiarity with Tezuka s original versions to hazard a guess as to whether or not he had that concept in mind when writing Tetsuwan Atom Urasawa and Nagasaki however definitely seem to be toying with the inverse of the concept Pluto doesn t focus overly much on Atom It s an ensemble cast and at least early on it is played like a police procedural with Inspector Gesicht of Europol acting as our main character though POV moves around Gesicht is one of the seven super robots one of the five instrumental in defeating the Kingdom of Persia during the war and incidentally considered a potential weapon of mass destruction himself As various connections are made it soon becomes clear that someone is targeting both the seven super robots and the members of the Bora Survey Group a team of robot scientists who were sent in before the war to investigate rumors that that Kingdom of Persia was building an robot armyAs might be expected for a war story there is grief to go around I won t say any about the plot but it s awesome Don t let the fact that it s a manga series dissuade you few novels even dream of being this goodThis gets my highest recommendation This volume and the entire series ended in a slightly ambiguous way and I was wanting to learn about the teddy bear robot And I like that Overall I really enjoyed this series It was a solid story that wasn t drawn out longer than it should have been and with a discernible narrative trajectory I do feel though that I would have appreciated it had I been knowledgeable regarding the Astro Boy world That s one of the things that is clearly apparent in about all of the essays that conclude each volume Urasawa s referencing of Tezuka s seminal figure However one of the strengths of Pluto is that it can stand on its own without the larger context of Tezuka At the same time a familiarity with Astro Boy would add additional levels of narrative appreciation Incredible finale If I had one complaint about this series it s that it s almost a little too perfect in the sense that Urasawa is so overly technical that this story is almost a bit too tight Silly criticism and it s barely criticism at that but take it as you will a brilliant story tightly plotted and visually dynamic even if you don t know tezuka s original material the various essays at the backs of these volumes will help you place it in historical context. VolumeContains Chapters 56 to

浦沢 直樹 is a Japanese mangaka He is perhaps best known for Monster which drew praise from Junot Díaz the 2008 Pulitzer Prize winner and 20th Century Boys Urasawa's work often concentrates on intricate plotting interweaving narratives a deep focus on character development and psychological complexity Urasawa has won the Shogakukan Manga Award the Japan Media Arts Festival excellence award the Kodansha Manga Award and the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize In 2008 Urasawa accepted a guest teaching post at Nagoya Zokei University

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