A Purse of Your Own E–book/E–pub

A Purse of Your Own E–book/E–pub

This book eally empowers women to achieve financial freedom We truly need a purse of our own This book is great for women who need a dictionary type understanding of the different types of investment options available It includes a section on starting a purse club which supports women of like minds to meet like a book club but to help each each financial goals It didn t have enough advise THERE IS NO BETTER TIME THAN NOW TO STRAIGHTEN OUT YOUR PURSE In A Purse of Your Own wealth coach Deborah Owens draws from than twenty years of experience in the fi nancial services industry for a evolutionary and simple approach to investment literacy Women can take control of their lives and purses by leveraging the feminine powers of intuition creativity and empathy to.

Bout overcoming financial obstacles and barely touched on non stock investments such as insurance or Slave Again (Whispers of Refuge real estate It was not too patronizing but needed to beealistic to middle Americans who have debt and don t make 100k a year Another work book Interesting Learned about stocks and bonds might actually etain some of this knowledge this time around Deborah Owens gives detailed information on. Build personal wealth Filled with uizzes Pursercises esource guides Pursessentials and examples of eal women from housewives to executives who have drastically changed their lives Purseonality Profi les A Purse of Your Own will show you how to • Apply the 7 Wealthy Habits you MUST learn to be fi nancially secure • Buy stocks bonds and mutual funds and create a well ba.

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Why women should save and invest to become financially secure She explains ETFs and mutal funds She also writes about true wealth and how material items do not euate to wealth The book is very elatable and provides tips on how to implement investment practices into daily life Good book that I think truly Reindeer and Caribou: Health and Disease represents a woman s point of view I will use it in my practice and see what others think. Lanced portfolio on any budget • Understand the language of investing and how to manageisk • Find a good fi nancial advisor and ecognize the warning signs of a bad one • Protect what you will build Creating and maintaining wealth can come only from understanding how money works Use Deborah's Power of the Purse wealth building strategy and your money will work for

Deborah Owens is a financial expert who is on a mission to engage enlighten and euip people of all incomes to build wealth With the release of her most recent book “A Purse of Your Own An Easy Guide to Financial Security published by Simon and Schuster she is touring the country imploring women to become financially empowered through the Power of the Purse CampaignDeborah is the financial ex

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