Distrust Her Shadow (E–pub Download) ✓ Jessica Steele

Distrust Her Shadow (E–pub Download) ✓ Jessica Steele

Es can be ruthless Jessica Steele writes Harleuin Romances and some Hn Presents She is now about 80 years old sad to say Steele is one of the worst writers in terms of syntax grammar etc Her sentence construction is nusual But IMO she is among the best at Hn in terms of storytelling and sexual tension Her heroines are virgins and the wanting drives the heroes nutsI read this eons ago and never forgot it keeping it on hand Another one where the hero treats the heroine like crap because of his ridiculous fixation that she is a blackmailer then gets insta forgiveness on. Er in a dangerous blackmail plotNeve Macalister believed she was involved and to prove it he kidnapped her I'm going to see you get all you dese.

Very weird dysfunctional relationship She falls in love with her captor and I couldn t see how that could happen as he was constantly demeaning her 4 Stars Orphaned at 18 the only relative Darcy had wasn t really a relative but her mother s elderly nanny Emmy was a sweet woman now in her 80 s and Darcy often let her believe she was taking care of Darcy and not the other way around Working as a secretary for the past f I love how Jessica Steele creates conflict in her heroes who end Smoke up loving the very one they hate and distrust Then they must grovel a little Her hero. To Darcy it was just another jobAll she had to do was deliver a letter But the assignment was not what it seemed Darcy was thenwitting messeng.

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The last page By the time he has finally managed to dislodge his shit for brains donkey head from his ample posterior and stopped with the bruising shaking shoulder grips the slapping and the endless tart shaming not to mention plenty of threats and blackmailing on his own I wanted to scream to the heroine to run Instead the idiot lets her traitorous body make very shaky life decision to marry this turd My prediction is that the honeymoon won t be over before he is back to his old tricks and this marriage will eventually end with her running away to a woman s shelter. Rve and he threatenedAnd even when the truth had set Darcy free she knew she would never escape the haunting memory of her bittersweet captivity.

Jessica Steele was born on May 9 1933 in the elegant Warwickshire town of Royal Leamington Spa She has two super brothers Colin and George and a lovely sister Elizabeth She was a delicate child and missed a lot of school In fact she left school at aged 14 when she was diagnosed as having tuberculosis At 16 she started work as a junior clerk In 1967 Jessica married with her husband Pe

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