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Series The Mad Morelands 2Publication Date January 8th 2018 by HN Books first published April 1st 2004Number of Pages 41645 StarsRafe McIntyre had the love of his life rop right into his lap literally He Der Illusionist didn t know she was the love of his life at the time but goodness what an introduction This book starts off with a fun filled antics laden visit at the home of the Morelands Their home is filled with guests who are attending Olivia and Stephen s Mesmerized wedding and what a varied lot of misfits we haveWe met Rafe in the last book when he was helping his best friend and partner solve a mystery at his estate Now he s at the Moreland home to attend his friend s wedding and then he ll head on to the continent for a tour and beyond that well heoesn t have any plans We learn of Rafe s past and why he feels that his emotions especially love are long Enticing (PI Men to the Rescue dead and buriedKyria Moreland is the middleaughter of the Duke of Broughton She s not scientific like her older sister Thisbe and she s not a born investigator like her younger sister Olivia Kyria is the organizer she s the one who keeps the household operating smoothly even Spring Comes to Sanctuary (Welcome to Sanctuary, down to planning and executing every step of Olivia s wedding Whatever happensomestically with the Morelands Kyria is the one to handle it So when her younger twin brothers parrot escapes she s the one to climb the tree to rescue it But well she Ask the Past didn t count on the limb breaking from beneath herThe adventure begins on the night of the wedding As Rafe is taking a smoke break outside the house he notices a man walking up therive holding to the shadows Then another man Riding Class (Saddle Club, dashes out of the shadows and stabs the first man Rafe runs to the rescue but he s too late The man isying He is carrying a small bag tied to his waist and begs Rafe to get it to well Kyria Kyria has no clue who has sent the object but guesses it might be from their older brother TheoPeople who want the object start coming out of the woodwork they are everywhere and they seem to be willing to Silver Stirrups (Saddle Club, do absolutely anything to get it even kidnapping and murderNote that all of these books contain a bit of mysticism along with the oddities of the Moreland family Also be aware that this author butchers absolutely and totally butchers titles and forms of address That really aggravates me because there is absolutely no excuse for it it is the easiest thing in the world to research titles and forms of addressAt any rate I really enjoyed the read and hope you will as well This is a terribly stupid book Anachronistic poorly written boring with poorly writtenialogue this book is of a mystery than a romance The characters are not in the least Different Class developed with all the time going to working out the stupid mystery I hate mysteries and Ion t buy romances because to read them And it would have been nice to have than five pages Short Stories by Roald Dahl dedicated to the romance Weon t see them fall in love at all we just see them chasing this stupid relic around Argh Did not like this book Under normal circumstances this book would get three stars from me which I consider a neutral rating Historical romance is my guilty pleasure and I would read a book rate it three stars and never think about it again I Goldilocks the Three Bears don t normally review them but this bookid something that irked me Though Kyria Moreland is beautiful enough to earn the sobriuet The Goddess and rich enough to attract London's most sought after gentlemen she has yet to find love and refuses to marry without it When she receives a strange package under mysterious circumstances she is confronted

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A mysterious reliuary box with a legendary tale behind it along with the fact that a murderer is afoot trying to gain it My issue was the poor romance aspect along with many unbelievable breakable rules of the time for a young lady I found it very hard to believe even in fiction that an unmarried woman would hie off to the city of scandal causing numerous blunders with a man that she barely knows not to mention her family thinks it s alright for this foreigner Rafe from America to lead her about It felt like a mystery rather than a romance for the story was entirely centered on the box as opposed to the budding relationship that eventually fell a bit flat Put in that genre even the outcome was a bit like a circus especially with two young boys hanging about that should have been sent back home in the first paragraph Having a hard time caring about these characters The premise of the story is a little too unbelievable I m glad this was a library book and not one I paid for I m going with 25 stars rounded up to 3 stars on this oneIt wasn t terrible and it wasn t amazing It was safe and idn t really make me feel a lot for the characters except for the twins I loved those little guysBeyond Compare is the 2nd book in the Moreland Family series The series follows all the eccentric family members and siblings that are interested in then just parties and being posh while living in London uring the 1700sThis could be Socialist Realism debunking seances to antiuities to traveling to foreign countries to performing interesting scientific experiments Each family member seems to be into something a bitifferent then what typical interests that the ton were into those I Look Up To... Michelle Obama days Io like that type of plot theme in the first 2 books that I ve readThe main characters of Kyria Moreland and American Rafe McIntyre were fine They both were okay characters that Doctor Extraño didn t evoke either love or hate I thought the chemistry and friendship was good between the twoThe mystery of the strange package that was sent to Kyria was okay but not earth shattering And the book was longer then I would have liked It could have cut around 100 pages from itDamn it sounds like this book was boring but it wasn t I obviously finished it and it entertained me while I read a chapter here or thereWill I finish up the Moreland Family series I think I ll read a few and see if it gets a bit better besides just being okay I thought Candace Campid a great job with this book You could tell that Kyria Moreland and Rafe McIntyre have chemistry I would recommend the book to anyone that wants romance adventure a little mystery to read the book A really stupid book They wander around London with a priceless item and occasionally someone makes the effort to break into their home and kidnaps one of them The bad guys being even umber than the good guys never just grab the reticle holding the item as they wander the streets Stupid I only gave it two stars because the twins were worth one by themselves This one wasn t bad although it felt weaker than the other two I ve read so far in the series 1 and 3 The supernatural elements were so subtle and vague as to be essentially useless to the plot the one concrete etail Kyria gets from her reams is view spoilerthe symbol of Inanna hide spoile. His package alone But even he is mesmerized by the events that unfold as Kyria begins to sort out the mystery put to her by the arrival of a priceless antiuity Who sent her this treasure steeped in legend And who is willing to murder to claim its secrets and its glory for themselve.

Beyond Compare) Pdf ð Candace Camp

T features the main characters running around London trying to figure out why everybody wants a near eastern religious artifact It has supernatural elements but they aren t pronounced enough to be considered a paranormal romance This is the Victorian era and the hero is from the American South Did you catch that I haven t read the first book so when they mentioned he fought in the war I was like which war The war of 1812 The Mexican American war But no they are talking about the Civil War and this is the part that really really annoyed me because this book mischaracterizes the Civil War to justify falling in love with a man from the American South Most people know that the Civil War was fought over slavery As in the Confederacy fought to keep the institution of slavery This oes not mean that Union fought to abolish slavery The Union fought for nationalism to preserve the Union Most white people in the North were apathetic about the issue of slavery unless they were abolitionists Freeing the slaves was incidental The Emancipation Proclamation explicitly freed slaves that were in the territory of the Confederate States which means that when it was issued no slaves in those territories were actually free The issue of slavery is brought up in the clumsiest way where the protagonist asks her love interest if he owned slaves The protagonist s parents are very progressive which ok He acts really offended about this because as it turns out he turned his back on his family to fight for the Union because owning slaves is wrong The two protagonists bond over this and this is part of the reason why the love story is so weak This would ring true if he was specifically Feminism is for Everybody depicted as like an abolitionist which if that is the case why is he still in London The cause isn t over just because the 13th amendment was passed The author clearly included this to reassure the white reader that even though slavery is very much a thing that he isn t a bad guy My advice as a black reader would be to not touch this issue with a 40 ft pole if this is how you are going to handle it It wasn t necessary We know from his actions in the book he is a good guy Fighting for the Unionoesn t make him any less complicit in the institution of slavery and racialized subjugation than the female protagonist is complicit in colonialist imperialism whenever she Deterring Democracy drinks tea Why wasn t his struggle with PTSD or something to that effect I really enjoyed book 2 in the Mad Moreland series Rage is an American who came from the civil war mentally scared and made his fortune in the silver mines He comes to England for his friend and former business partners s marriage to Olivia Moreland Kyria Moreland is a rare beauty that has had princesukes earls ever male breathing basically coveting her She wants nothing to Comet in Moominland (The Moomins, do with marriage even though she believes in love When these two meet sparks fly and they find themselves involved in a mystery neither could have imagined The Moreland family is so much fun with each one uniue and so lovely to read I was gifted with an ARC but I so enjoy this series that also offers a touch of the supernatural in its telling I like many of Ms Camp s novels but I have to say that Iidn t particularly care for this one It had a good premise. Ith Hunters Heart danger murder and a handsome American whoseestiny is entwined with hersRafe McIntyre has enough charm to seduce any woman but his smooth facade hides a bitter past Still he has seen enough of the world to know Kyria is in anger and he refuses to let her solve the riddle of

Candace Camp is the New York Times bestselling author of over sixty booksHer first novel Bonds of Love was published by Jove Publishing in 1978 under the pseudonym Lisa Gregory Two pseudonyms Kristin James and Sharon Stephensand many books later Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves creating stories Candace lives in Austin Texas with her husband and is the mot