(Kelins Journey) [E–pub] ✓ John L. Evans

Ound nough of them to stop counting A decent proof read would have fixed this so if you re reading this Mr Evans I liked this one God Is in the Crowd enough to do that for your next book A good read that kept me coming back I loved the characters and couldn t wait to see what was around the corner A uickdit would have made it Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard enjoyable. The two boys begin a journey across a depopulated America dealing with the few people both good and bad that theyncounter on their uest to find Kelin's family.

A teenage boy is warned by his parents that an infectious disease is likely to be worse than the media is letting on so he goes into self imposed uarantine with his grandmother and friend on a remote farm in Missouri When their predictions come true he tries to cross the US to California in the aftermath of the plagueT. Kelin's Journey is a post apocalypse preteen adventure It is the story of two twelve year old boys who survive a devastating pandemic that decimates the world's.

His isn t anything particularly new but it s very The Matriarchs (The Family enjoyable and the story moves at a good pace The characters are fleshed outnough that you care what happens and the plot remains pretty believable throughoutMy only real complaint is that there are uite a few typos throughout the book Not Notes for the Everlost enough to get annoying but I Population Kelin is stranded 2000 miles from his family that he believes is still alive He is alonexcept for his friend Josh who is orphaned by the pandemic.

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(Kelins Journey) E–pub ✓ John L. Evans

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