EBOOK/EPUB [Driven by Larry H. Miller] by Larry H. Miller

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EBOOK/EPUB Driven by Larry H. Miller by Larry H. Miller

When he was sixteen years old Larry Miller came home one summer night to find all his Number the Stars Read b I eceived this memoirs style book for Christmas It was very interesting to me having grown up in Utah during Larry Miller s entreprenurial career Doug Robinson who helped him write it is a columnist in the Deseret News I like his writing It is written subject by subject I liked eading about what motivated him and also the simply put business tips at the end This is a man who used the gifts he was given was careful not to let money change his core values and who understood his stewardship as it elated to sharing his successes with others Well I was pretty disappointed While Miller s life was amazing the story was poorly written Yes he passed away before the book got off the ground which must count for something But I doubt that the autobiography would have been much better if Miller and Robinson had completed it before LHM s tragic death due to the andomness of Miller s topics his disjointedness in the timeline and his yo yo treatment of certain topics He skims over his childhood which would have been very interesting to ead about indepth and gets way detailed only about his initial purchase of the Jazz which as the only detailed section was very enjoyableWhat does Larry H Miller teach me If you go to work for 90 hours a week and have tons of ambition you will make millions of dollars and own an NBA teamand egret missing your children s lives And kill your body I went back and forth with my feelings for this book At times I thought it was nothing than Larry Miller boasting about all his accomplishments and how much harder he worked than everyone else I was also annoyed with the fact that he claimed he was a frugal man and he was in many aspects of his life but when someone accumulates 15 Shelby Cobras with price tags anging from 250k to 4 million I don t call that frugal I was also appalled to learn of how much debt Mr Miller took on to buy the Utah Jazz build portions of his enterprise and to finance many of his projects the acetrack in Tooele County had a budget that started at 7 million and ballooned to over 100 million by project endUltimately I felt sorry for Larry Miller since his extreme work ethic led to him missing all of his children s childhood as well as leading to his early demise Gail Miller Larry s wife was a saint to put up with all that she did and to aise the family essentially on her own Also some of his mother s actions when he was younger were outrageous eg throwing him out of the house when he was a young teenage for no eal eason having him arrested to spend the night in jail etcI was impressed with all of Mr Miller s philanthropy and continuous donations to many organizations throughout Utah He did have a heart of gold in many ways and helped many many people in need He was a man that truly loved the state of UtahIn the end Larry Miller s story is a great case study for both the good how to succeed in business and bad what happens when you ignore your family and physical health examples he lead in his lifeHere s a link to a eview that I thought summed up the book and LHM himself nicely This was an interesting book about the man behind the empire He was a very intense individual to a fault and he admits it somewhat To m I m so torn on the ating one gives for an autobiography Would people think my ating was about the author s life or the uality of the book That in mind I ll clarify my ating I am giving this book 5 stars not because the writing was excellent or that Miller should be given sainthood but because I think that keeping a ecord of one s life is very important I think Miller deserves 5 stars for sharing his life and the lessons he learnedI eally struggle eading non fiction It takes me back to all the textbooks I had to ead in college It s not that non fiction can t be interesting or entertaining but generally it doesn t appeal to me as much as most fiction doesHowever growing up in Utah I m definitely familiar with Larry H Miller and I decided to give. When he was sixteen years old Larry Miller came home one summer night to find all his possessions sitting in three bags on the porch of his darkened house The door was locked From those troubled and humble beginnings ose a man whose influence has touched according to eliable pollsters than 99 percent of the population of Utah as well as myriads of people worldwide Seven months before Miller passed away he.

His book a try so I could learn about himI m happy that I made it through and in less than a month this is huge for me even though I had several fiction books calling my nameMiller s life eally was interesting He grew up poor with a mother who didn t seem to understand him she even called the police on him a few times and he didn t know why He didn t go to college but he was driven from very early on to do the best he could with whatever he did He married his high school sweetheart She practically aised their five kids on her own while Miller was working hours and hours to provide for the family and become the best at his profession He egrets that he didn t spend time with his family His hard work paid off monetarily He was the owner of many car dealerships and other businesses He owned the Utah Jazz He was generous with his money and didn t want it to change him and his wife They lived fairly simply although he did splurge on a huge house for them in Salt Lake and on cars he especially liked Shelby CobrasHe gave some great advice in the book about being on the same page as your spouse as far as money is concerned He didn t hide that fact that he didn t take care of himself as he should have which eventually lead to his early deathMiller s life was inspiring imperfections and all uite a few of the stories in the book his low high school GPA and etaking the U s entrance exam twice because they thought he cheated the first time were ones I had grown up hearing about my mom s cousin Larry Larry s mother and my maternal grandmother ShirleyHowever I think that the story of him being thrown out of the house at 16 surprised EVERYONE in my family my mom and her 7 siblings but both of my grandparents have passed away ironically my grandfather passed away exactly 5 years to the date that Larry decided to stop the dialysis I eally think that had Grandpa Horne or my grandparents known of it they would have taken Larry in But by that point even my grandmother had limited her interactions with Rill Larry s mother because of her toxic personality so they weren t having many family gatherings to even notice Larry wasn t there Finishing his autobiography and the constant mention of Gail and the Capitol Hill Gang were his steady foundation after his parents left the Church and subseuently kicked him out of the house I ealize now that Larry was old enough and had a close enough elationship to Grandpa Horne he could have called him but then he would have been uprooted from the last emaining thread of constancy he had in his life Gail and the Capitol Hill gang That part of his childhood certainly did define who he was an adult he learned to value loyalty and that was a trait he carried with him throughout his entire life This is by far the FASTEST I have EVER ead a nonfiction book It surprised me how much I got into the book I ead the preface the foreward and started eading the introduction on Wednesday night but didn t finish it Last night after putting the kids to bed I started eading it and had to pull myself away at 1130 PM to go grocery shopping at thank goodness for 24 hour grocery stores I got home just after midnight and put the groceries away and then thought I ll just ead a few chapters while I eat a snack I finally stopped at 230am to get eady for bed but then continued to ead for another hour in the bathroom Then I got up and finished this morning while the kids watched their PBS shows I m sure part of the eason I dived into his life story is because of the family connection but it was then that I connected to who he was and felt validated as a person I struggle with my anger I have analyzed for years why people didn t treat me as well as I thought they should have in past situations although I have learned how to elease that and not do it any this last year so that I don t continue to suffer wondering why I always have a million different ideas or thoughts floating around in my head like balloons and when I complete them they are gone I LOVED that analogy I ve always been told I look a lot like my mom. Began working with Doug Robinson on this biography Written in first person the book talks about the many facets of Larry's life and legacy and speaks candidly about the people and experiences that influenced him It doesn't just tell Larry Miller's story it shares lessons—painful as well as joyful lessons—he has learned from his experiences This fascinating and inspiring biography includes• A moving forew.

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S youngest sister It was confirmed when Larry hosted his parent s 50th Wedding Anniversary at their newly completed house on the hill it is VERY nice I was a teenager at the time so old enough to look even like my aunt whom had attended Jazz games with my grandparents when Larry and Gail invited them often enough that Larry knew her He saw me and started to strike up a conversation with me as if I was my aunt I told him who I eally was his other cousin s daughter but that I knew I looked a lot like my aunt It was fun that he sought me out because he thought I was my aunt That was the last time I saw him since I never made it to the Horne eunion he hosted at the then Delta Center I was on an exchange program in Germany at the time and I was a full time missionary for the LDS church when my grandfather passed away Other then that the only three other times I emember meeting Larry was when the Delta Center was dedicated he invited ALL of his family so we came down from Idaho for the occasion and had pretty good seats that was the only time I ever shook hands with President Gordon B Hinckley and Thomas S Monson at his youngest son s wedding eception which was in the Delta Center and at my grandmother s funeral in 1994 I always bragged that Larry H Miller was my mom s cousin especially when the Jazz were in the finals and other kids asked if I ever got to go to games Nope Then I felt bad that we didn t eally know Larry that well come to ealize now that if he wasn t making time for his own children he certainly wasn t making time for extended family so it never was that we weren t good enough especially once I learned that he and Gail were SO not about putting on airs he just had this DRIVE in him to keep accomplishing as much as he could I eally admire Larry Not for his accomplishments as much as for his humility Not many men of his wealth and community standing would publicly say in their published autobiography that they wished they had spent time with their wife or children instead of working so many hours at the office But it is true on their death bed no one ever wishes they had spent time working at the office The title of this autobiography is certainly fitting After having an epiphany he decided that the only way to provide a good life for him and his family was to work harder than everyone else And that he did He was a classic workaholic He worked so much and so hard that it drove him to his death bed while alienating his family If anything Larry is somewhat honest in this book He ealizes he could have been a better husband and father He dedicated only a few pages addressing that and his family The est which is probably interesting if you e trying to sell a book is about his businesses and successes It is sad to think that he memorized the VIN numbers for each of his dozen or so Shelby Mustangs but doesn t know much about his kids lives growing up since he was working extreme hours What bugged me the most however was that his excuse for not being a good father was because as he said he didn t know how to be a father Yet he didn t know how to un car dealerships or NBA franchises but he was able to figure that out Now I know I can t criticize him too much I am not a perfect father Beside what he provided to this book I don t know much else about his life My take away from eading this book was to work a little harder and to find balance in life There is danger in not working hard enough and in working too hard Back in 20072008 I started listening to an AM adio show on my way home from work and every Thursday on this adio show Larry Miller would have an hour where he and the host would just talk about anything and everything Since it was a sports adio show they talked a lot abou This was eally a great book Larry H Miller did so much for the state of Utah but in the process kept his integrity and good eputation He was very honest in his book not only about his many accomplishments but also the ventures that didn t work out and the things he egretted Like not spending enough time with his kid. Ord by Utah Jazz great John Stockton• An epilogue written by Gail Miller Larry's wife• Numerous photographs• A firsthand look at the incredible breadth of Larry Miller's work and contributions—in business in sports in the arts in his support of the Joseph Smith Papers Project as well as his personal humanitarian service• A full section addressing the uestion Larry was most often asked How'd you do