Snook Alone (PDF)

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Snook Alone (PDF)

This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm Visit us for new picture books reviews dailyHello friends Our book today is Snook Alone written by Marilyn Nelson and illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering a tale of a clever pup s survival when he is marooned on an islandSnook is a happy hardworking rat terrier who lives with his master and best friend Abba Jacob Abba Jacob is a monk a caretaker for a small hermitage on an unnamed island His days are filled with uiet repetitive tasks which he undertakes in uiet contentment Snook a constant companion by his side One day Abba Jacob travels to help some naturalists catalog species on a small outer island taking Snook with him When a storm unexpectedly descends and forces the party to leave poor Snook is left behind in the rush Now Snook must survive on his own finding food water and shelter in an unfamiliar place filled with wonders and dangers alike As he grows capable he continues to look out over the sea missing his friend and wondering will Abba Jacob ver return to himRight off the bat let me say this book is not meant for readers JJ s age It was recommended to us by a friend and it uickly became apparent during our read through that Snook s story is intended for older children arly middle grade at least However for the appropriate age range this one has tons of appeal It s a classic tale of survival of hope and of the unending loyalty of dogs The language is beautiful painting rich wild nvironment while Double Jeopardy evoking Snook s confusion yearning fear and devotion it puts the reader right there with the little dog as his tale unfolds The art is a good counterpoint to this using color and tone to immerse the reader in the story My only complaint is the rather cartoonish appearance of the human characters which seem odd juxtaposed against the realistic scenery and animal characters The length is not for little ones JJ was very suirmy by thend but fine for older kids A lovely tale of a dog s love and it s Baby Bookworm approvedBe sure to check out The Baby Bookworm for reviews Snook abandoned inadvertantly reminded me of Tom Hanks character in Cast Away only sadder and sweeter since Snook doesn t understand where his friend went or why The details of the island and the creatures of the sand and sea and the lovely language are matched by the art by Timothy Basil Ering who certainly knows the poignancy in the curved back of a dog head hung low Well I really wanted to super like this one The art of the dog is adorable and the Composition and Literature endpapers are great what colour and texture Unfortunately it sasy to see why it didn t come away with awards The story has so much text that it hinders the function of the picturebook Nelson has way to much detail to leave anything for the pictures to say despite using lovely words and describing interesting places creatures and feelings The story would have made a rather nice first chapterbook and avoided being subjected to major Cezanne and Provence edits to fit better into the picturebook genre I also have major uibbles with the illustration From the text I m getting the idea that this is a modern monk a man in simple but modern dress I like that the story isn t about a historic monk but the cartoony dude with the big head just seems wrong It also feels like too much illustration on the page at one point perhaps trying to keep up with the lengthy text Additionally the giant crab seems to be too giant for a real creature the size of a large hand Unfortunately this takes away from the realism that the text suggests and makes it fantastical instead And come to think of it the place in the story plays a huge role but I have no idea where in the world it s taking place maps would be appreciated please From clues. A faithful little dog must survive on his own in the wild in thisvocative tale of loss and reunion from acclaimed poet Marilyn Nelson and the inimitable Timothy Basil EringAbba Jacob is a monk who lives on a far far away island with his loyal rat terrier Snook Every day from the wee hours of dawn till the

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Lk down to children and Contested Reproduction expects that the book will be read by a reader who can helpxplain the book to those too young to grasp the words without assistance It is my hope that the delightful illustrations will help draw in young listeners and keep their attention while a good reader brings the tale of Snook alive Abba Jacob lived on an island with his dog Snook Each day their routine was the same They got up at dawn prayed worked together and spent time in companionable silence together Sometimes there were visitors or Abba Jacob headed off to town in his car but Snook was always there waiting for him Until one day Snook and Abba Jacob headed out in a boat to help catalog plant and animal species on the islands Snook was along to help catch the rats and mice that were disrupting the birds and animals of the islands It was great micing It was so good that Snook got too involved in his work so when a storm blew up Abba Jacob was forced to leave Snook behind on the deserted island All alone Snook found his own rhythm of silence catching food finding water silence and waiting Sometimes he thought he could hear Abba Jacob s voice on the wind but no one came for him Snook spent a long time alone on the island never forgetting his friend Abba Jacob Until one day a fishing boat returned to the island with Abba Jacob aboardThis book is such a delight It is a book with such depth such uiet such silence that its power builds during those uiet moments creating a magnificent longing It is a book that celebrates the simple the uiet the profound in our lives It is a book about Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) enduring friendship continued connection and at its heart love Nelson writes with such a beauty here that some lines make you stop and you have to remember to breathe again They are moments just like in the book itself moments of simple claritymbedded in the writing This is a book that will be a grand choice for a class to discuss perfection for advanced students who will Creating Country Music enjoy the language but will alsonjoy the illustrations It is a book to be sharedEring s illustrations Blacklands echo the themes of the book with their delightful mix of cartoon and painting Abba Jacob is a round merry soul shown in cartoon lines Snook on the other hand can be funny and cartoonish but is also depicted as a noble beast in paints The illustrations workxceedingly well to show simple life the vistas of the sea and the island and the warmth of the connection between man and dogA masterful book about faith and friendship this is an outstanding picture book that deserves plenty of recognition on best book lists but importantly a spot in school and public libraries Appropriate for ages 5 9 This book makes me want to read of Marilyn Nelson s work She has a marvelous way with words her descriptions are vivid and Evolutionary Patterns evocative And Snook Alone is a lovely book filled with warmthBut that said this isn t a book for young children It s not that children can t understand the loneliness and longing that Snookxperiences but that the poetry of the phrasing is uite refined Sometimes Snook watched the birdsThe fairy terns arrowlike white creaturesuick and agile flew in mated pairsdive bombing the sea and flying homewith little fishes dangling from their beakslike handlebar mustachesBeautiful isn t it And yet I could see my children s attention slowly dissolving as I read Perhaps my fault or perhaps no one s fault I ll likely try reading it several times to see if results vary But Snook Alone isn t a book I d bring to try out on an unknown audienceAnd I guess that would be my bottom line Snook Alone is what I call a Library Find It s a book to borrow first and purchase after a test run It s a good story but it s not going to be for veryone Pam. Ver again hear the loving voice that he waits for Simply and lyrically told by award winning poet Marilyn Nelson and beautifully illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering with wit warmth and affection for the natural world this captivating tale of friendship lost and found conveys the power of faith against all odds.

It seems someplace in the southern hemisphere maybe Australia ish from the dialect bits at the nd that seen stuck on rather than appropriate and integrated What a shame for such a cute little dog to be stuck in a book that comes nowhere near its potential I listened to a radio interview with Marilyn Nelson and Krista Tippett On Being Nelson s comments made me want to read the complete works of Marilyn Nelson This is Book One for meThis is ostensibly a children s book about a little dog that gets left alone on an island separated from Abba Jacob the monk he lives with We first see the uiet life of work the dog has with the contemplative monk at a hermitage and then the life he has after they are separated We see the little dog s loyalty listening longing his continued work and learning his play his waitingPoetic observation The terns soared back for a new catch weaving together like streaks of playful light Forging Gay Identities every movement a synonym for joyAnd in case we don t see how we are like the little dog But Avocaire Island was the center of a vast circle of longing And from one unknown direction Snook s longing came back to him mirrored in a fractal of moving sea light one flicker of which was Abba Jacob s prayer I m glad I have a stack of books by Marilyn Nelson to read next Note on children s book lots of plant names I didn t know pemphis casuarina arguisia but the beautiful illustrations by Timothy Basil Ering fill in those definitions Was a bit skeptical opening this one up as I worried it be another sappy dog book and I don t well with sappy andven less well with sappy dog books now Bringing her award winning affinity for poetic description to the task of writing a picture book author Marilyn Nelson shows that she is at least as good in this medium as she is at the writing of verse Abba Jacob a solitary monk who lives a uite simple life on an island away from the mainstream population and Snook his loving rat terrier become separated from ach other one day when they travel to an island away from their regular home to help in the classification of animals on behalf of The Society for the Preservation of St Brandon s Atoll Marooned by himself on the island Snook resolutely watches for the return of his master Need proof that this picture book ain t for your standard picture book audience K 2nd grade An xcerptSometimes Snook watched the birdsThe fairy terns arrowlike white creaturesuick and agile flew in mated pairsdive bombing the sea and flying homewith little fishes dangl As children s books go this has an above average vocabulary so it s not a choice for the Fiche Blian ag Fás emergent reader However the artwork by Timothy Basil Erving is sonchanting and the story is a sweet read aloud This is the book you will read with your child over and over again discovering new secrets hidden in both the language and the drawings Esteem Enlivened by Desire each time I picked up the book because the cover drawing looks like our Smooth Fox Terrier Okay the story is really about a RAT terrier but the breeds are similarnough is both looks and personality to draw me in Snook is the sole companion of a solitary monk who lives on an island cataloguing and observing Flights of Fancy, Leaps of Faith endangered wildlife while fulfilling his monastic duties Separated from the monk during a birdingxpedition Snook s story becomes a sort of canine Old Man and the Sea as he struggles to survive pitted against the lements and the other inhabitants of the tiny sliver of land on which he has been stranded His natural curiousity and instinct to survive coupled with his love for the monk whose scent has faded but whose memory lingers sustain the little dog during his xileSnook Alone is a sweet book rich in language and imagery The writing style does not ta. Un sets over the sea Snook keeps Abba Jacob company as he prays or works tending the gardens or fixing the plumbing of the little hermitage he calls home But when the two are separated by a ferocious storm Snook must learn to fend for himself in the wild all alone in a world of fierceness and wonder Will he

Marilyn Nelson is the author of many acclaimed books for young people and adults including CARVER A LIFE IN POEMS a Newbery Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book and A WREATH FOR EMMETT TILL a Printz Honor Book and Coretta Scott King Honor Book She also translated THE LADDER a picture book by Halfdan Rasmussen She lives in East Haddam ConnecticutFor information please see ht