(EBOOK/EPUB) Easy PayPal with PHP by W. Jason Gilmore

Want to expand your sales market to a worldwide audience but don't know how Bestselling author Jason Gil shows you how to take the reigns of e commerce and build your own online store using the popular PHP language and PayPal the world's most loved online payment processorChapter 1 PayPal DemystifiedOffering valuable information or developers of all levels the book kicks things off with an overview of PayPal's Computers family of payment solutions introducing Website Payments Standard Express Checkout Website Payments Pro and Subscriptions and Recurring Payments This chapter concludes with valuable information regarding choosing an appropriate PayPal merchant account type and an overview of key configuration options you'll want to considerollowing the creation of your accountChapter 2 Integrating PayPal Website Payments StandardThis chapter shows readers how to build an online store

Merce operation this chapter shows you how to use PayPal's Website Payments Pro service to autonomously process credit cards using PayPal's transaction serverChapter 5 Creating a Subscription based Payment SolutionThis chapter introduces you to PayPal's Subscriptions and Recurring Billing solution giving you the power to create subscription based services which charge customer's accounts according to a predefined scheduleChapter 6 Streamlining Your PayPal OperationWe'll round out the book with numerous key insights into streamlining your PayPal operation You'll learn how to download sales data and other useful reports Before You from your PayPal account optimize your shipping procedures byocusing on the proper shipping carrier packaging options and labeling maintain happy customers using low cost support options and deal with not so happy customers using PayPal's customer dispute eatur.

N mere minutes using Website Payments Standards Leveraging PayPal's hosted shopping cart and configuration wizards you could use this chapter to begin accepting payments by the end of today This chapter concludes with an introduction to PayPal's Instant Payment Notification service which allows you to automate tasks such as shipping and customer ollowup ollowing a successful purchaseChapter 3 Creating Your Own Shopping CartTake control of the customer's shopping experience by creating your own self hosted shopping cart Integrating the cart with PayPal's Express Checkout payment solution you'll be able to rely on PayPal to handle the intricacies of payment processing while granting customers the convenience of providing you their shipping address with a click of a buttonChapter 4 Accepting Credit Cards Using the Direct Payment API For readers wishing to manage the entire e com.

(EBOOK/EPUB) Easy PayPal with PHP by W. Jason Gilmore

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