[The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty] EBOOK/EPUB

The Tudors: The Complete Story of England's Most Notorious Dynasty EBOOK/EPUB

Es Then and only then are the women brought to power This is a tale not only of the women who were manipulated before and after claiming the throne but of England s struggle between Catholic s and Protestant s Filled with war and violence this book is a sad tale of the lives of these women beginning with Bloody Mary renown or her mass executions and ending with Elizabeth the woman who redeems her Chosen Vessels father s atrocities by becoming one of England s most beloved Monarch s Not sure what to rate this book Meyer promises to write a book that doesn t dwell on Henry VIII and Elizabeth like all other authors do and then spent about 300 of 569 pages on Henryocused on the King s Great Matter Would have enjoyed on Henry VIIElizabeth was not admired at all by this author actually not too many of the women in power were John Knox s influence perhaps to the point that any characteristic or action of hers was placed in a negative light But what irked me about Elizabeth s segment of the book was when Meyer declared that the last 15 years of h I ve always been interested in the history of the Tudor dynasty in particular its most notable monarchs Henry VIII and Elizabeth I and started reading the book thinking that I was very well informed on the subject Then I uickly realized that I was wrongThe book demystifies the image that is conveyed in the movies and series and presents a much harder and less glamorous vision of the two monarchs I saw the Showtime series a No Apology Necessary few years ago and loved it only to discover now that it manipulates reality veryreely The reality is in The Secret World of Fluffy Ratbag fact very differentrom Awakening (The Guardians Heart Series Book 1) fiction However it isn t less interesting In spite of thelaws of character the selfishness the pride and the total disregard Whoops! for theate of their subjects Henry VIII and Elizabeth I are nonetheless Los Caballeros de la Ciencia: El secreto mejor guardado de la Iglesia. fascinating characters that continue to entice the modern worldThe author advances an explanation to justify the interest in these twoigures especially in Henry VIIIHe has held the world s interest in part because of the uestion of how such a gifted and The Sheep Book fortunate man could have committed such crimes And because of the related troubling uestion of how it is possible is such a thoroughly vicious character to be so attractive As its title indicates the book is not only about the aforementioned monarchs but the whole Tudor dynasty It also providesascinating information about the habits customs education and life of the sixteenth century EnglandVery complete and enriching I strongly recommend it to all who have an interest in the subjectFrom my blog. E realizing his dream Mary I the disgraced daughter of Catherine of Aragon tried and ailed to reestablish the Catholic Church and produce an heir while Elizabeth I sacrificed all chance of personal happiness in order to survive  The Tudors presents the sinners and saints the tragedies and triumphs the high dreams and dark crimes of this enthralling

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Ion trying to play with the big boys Spain and France but aced the double whammy of trying to establish order in the wake of Henry s determined some might say maniacal juggernaut to establish his dynasty regardless of the cost And this book explains that cataclysmic upheaval on all levels of society very nicely with Henry s heirs struggling to impose order on a society where all of a sudden the rules have changed I only gave this The Gangs Birthday Surprise four stars because I do think the section on Elizabeth could have benefited with a rigorous treatment Having said that Meyer s writing is engaging witty and humorous with aresh take on a topic that has been revisited many times in the last twenty years I Earth found myself smiling and enjoying every word Highly recommended Historically accurate perhaps though incredibly slantedHenry VIII was a bullymonstertyrant Period End of Story Most of the coverage of his reignocused on the men around him and their roles in enforcing the break with Rome as well as persecution of monks during the dissolution of the monasteriesEdward VI was a Get Up fervent Protestant but that was okay as he truly respected his sister Mary in spite of their religious differences not a syllable to acknowledge theact that according to other books he genuinely liked ElizabethMary was a well meaning tragic Out to Lunch figure in spite of all those unfortunate burnings which yes were ultimately her responsibility but weren t really so bad especially compared to the brutality of herather and sister Elizabeth was Bad News no two ways about it So bad that Murder mayhem betrayal paranoia curses and egomania Sound like a horror story or a who dunnit Actually it is the story of the most notorious dynasty ever know which the title so aptly statesBeginning in 1485 when Henry Tudor crossed the channel Parinamam engane? പരിണാമം എങ്ങനെ? from France and laid claim to the throne of England this book tells the brilliant story of Henry s son Henry VIII and his mad uest to keep his line on the throne In Henry VIII s obsessionor a male heir he manipulates murders and Beetle in the Anthill fabricates every scenario imaginable to rid himself of any wife whoails to give him the male heir he so desperately wants Only producing girls Henry VIII s wives Mr. Drackle And His Dragons find themselves losing their heads overailing to do what the King demands Finally after several wives disappoint him Henry Dragon, Dragon and Other Tales finally gets his wish A male child is born albeit a sickly oneThe important line of the story in my opinion is not Henry VIII but the woman andemale children in his life that Henry has deemed disposable not worthy that is until his only son di. Ragtag army to take the crown Song of the Aura from theamily that had ruled England Hands Tied, A Hammer Story for almostour centuries Fifty years later his son Henry VIII aimed to seize even greater powers ultimately leaving behind a brutal legacy that would blight the lives of his children and the destiny of his country Edward VI a ervent believer in reforming the English church died befor.

I was a history major at UC Berkeley and my specific ield was English Tudor era history so you can imagine that a huge hunk of my bookshelves are devoted to this subject There is something of an embarrassment of riches on this topic Say Go Be Do from J J Scarsbrick s definitive biography on Henry VIII to Antonia Fraser s book on Mary ueen of Scots I can say with confidence that there isn t a popular history of the Tudors that has been published that I haven t read and I ve read a great number of the academic studies as well So yeah I get them I know them and I looked at this book sitting on the shelf of my local bookstore and thought please do I need to read yet another book on the TudorsYes I did as it turns outOther reviews that I ve readocus on the problem with the scope of this book with literally half of the content devoted to Henry VIII Which begs the uestion why is it called The Tudors I won t say that it s not a problem Clearly Meyer is Confer fascinated with Henry VIII and the courtiers surrounding him Woolsey Cromwell and More are not your run of the mill bureaucrats and I think that he very much shortchanged the lastourth of the book which is devoted to Elizabeth Tudor I get the sense he was exhausted and gliding over events that really could have used some of his tremendous insight and turn of phrase that makes the irst two thirds of this book so enjoyableBecause really when you ve read as many books as I have on the Tudors it s the writing that becomes paramount and this man can write He s got an ease and acility Hotarul Nestatornic (La Medeleni, for takingairly complicated events and parsing them down to the bones His chapters regarding Cromwell s stealth and ever increasingly The King of Spades fatal attacks on the Catholic church are so well done that it s worth buying this bookor those chapters aloneThere are a series of sidebars that I know annoyed some people but I liked them They take you out of the story to a certain extent but I didn t mind For an overview history you don t NEED to read them but they are in and of themselves interesting The out take on exactly what societal Mitos nrdicos (ncora Delfn) functions the Catholic church performed and how the break with Rome and cannibalization of the Church as a way to seriously pump up Henry s power and coincidentally boost the Crown s coffers is especially well doneI think that the point of the structureront loading the book with so much Henry is that Henry VIII so Taming the Alpha (Crescent Moon, fundamentally changed the nature of kingship castrating the Catholic Church in the process that his heirs were not only dealing with the usual problems of a small island nat. NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLERBONUS This edition contains a The Tudors discussion guideAcclaimed historian G J Meyer provides aresh look at the Ptičje oko na tarabi fabled Tudor dynasty and some of the most enigmaticigures ever to rule a country In 1485 Henry Tudor whose claim to the English throne was so weak as to be almost laughable nevertheless sailed rom France with