[EBOOK / PDF] Manners Mash Up

EBOOK / PDF Manners Mash Up

Fourteen icture book creators take on manners in this mash up of talent Each illustrator is given a double Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, page spread to fill with their work as well as some advice on how to mind their manners There is a specific setting in each one including school birthdayarty table manners and the supermarket All of the illustrators approach manners with a light touch and Not for Nothing plenty of humor meaning that this is one manners book that children will actually enjoyOne of theleasures of the book is turning the Eagles Claw page and discovering an entirely different style from a new illustrator The book includes illustrators like Bob Shea Tedd Arnold Lynn Munsinger Sophie Blackall and Adam Rex It keeps the book very fresh as each ill 14 renownedicture illustrators tackle manners addressing Superman/Doomsday proper behavior from the dinner table to visiting relatives to the swimmingool Each topic reflects the artist s uniue style A fun book for the first week of school and those boring discussions about rules Super cute fun book about manners and good behavior Doesn t lend well to read alouds though in my opinion But I definitely think kids would enjoy it Manners books for kids It s a subculture that has been around forever and is unlikely to ever go away From the than 100 year old Gelett Burgess series about The Goops to the 1958 Sesyle Joslin title What Do You Say Dear illustrated by Maurice Sendak no less to today s Patsy Says by Leslie Tryon or those Emily Post books for kids Emily s Everyday Manners etc there is no shortage of titles aimed at improving the habits of the young Creative books of manners are slightly less common Generally speaking all the titles follow the same Goofus and Gallant format so why mess with success Then comes along Manners Mash Up A Goofy Guide to Good Behavior which seeks to shake things up a bit Aiming to Summers Family Affair please both adults and kids it s a manners book that teaches bylaying up horrible humorous habits Whether your kids learn anything from it depends on how you ll teach it then One thing s for certain though They certainly won t be bored Fourteen illustrators come together for a single urpose Each one is handed a different lace where one should show good manners For Tedd Arnold that would be in the realm of good sportsmanship For Bob Shea it s on the school bus Covering everything from the supermarket to the dinner table these artists do their darndest to then Women on the Hill play up their various situations For folks like Joe Berger or Sophie Blackall that means indulging in a veritable free for all For folks like Peter H Reynolds or LeUyen Pham it s teaching by example No matter their methods each artist has their say and at the end they must answer the most dreaded uestion of all What was your goofiest manners mishap So the real uestion here is whether or not the book does harm than good Cause let s face it there s a reason kids have bad manners Bad manners at least in the short term feel like they re a lot fun than good Therein lies the rub in a manners book of this sort If kids love to transgress or watch others transgress from a safe distance then we know whom they re going to gravitate towards in a book of this sort There s a reason David Shannon s David books are a hit after all and where IS Mr Shannon in this book anyway As sucharents Waiting for Aphrodite picking up this title need to be aware. Toick or not to ick This etiuette uestion and loads are answered in fourteen hilarious spreads by fourteen talented well loved artists Each spread illustrates

That the kids in the book sometimes make the admonitions moot by having a high old time whilst waltzing through birthday arties in their birthday suits or making faces at the opera The Sand-Reckoner performers Fortunately this is immediately apparent when you flip through Nobody can miss that fact right from the start And after all even if the kids laugh at the antics committed here that just means those same antics will stick in their minds And it s a lot easier to avoid misbehavior if you know what it is in the firstlace wouldn t you say There s also a format to the don t s that is sure to appeal to child readers In a couple sections the illustrator has Aztlan posted a list of don t s usually in an appropriatelace whiteboard bulletin board framed icture etc that refer to actions being taken by the misbehaving urchins in the image Kids can then read the offending lists and locate the offenders Only a few illustrators have gone this route Henry Cole Frank Morrison Kevin Sherry etc but I think that their images are some of the most appealing as a result It gives the ictures a kind of hide and seek uality It s fun to note who the worst behaved of the illustrators are The best behaved bar none is Peter H Reynolds Even his manners mishap at the end of the book is relatively Paris Encore (Zion Covenant, polite and though he doesn t explain it involves his twin brother The worst however is tough You d think the boys would have cornered the market on this one so to speak Between Dan Santat s opera attendees and Joe Berger s grocery cart racers it would seem to be a lock The women however haveroven that when it comes to sheer chaos they are not to be outdone The Tao Nyeu Boyfriends from Hell picking montage isrobably the grossest of the bunch a fact that is somewhat alleviated by the beauty of her sewn style Yet it is Sophie Blackall who displayed some younger sibling cunning not too long ago in The Big Red Lollipop who Battered Not Broken probably wins this one To my mindlaying with x ray machines skateboarding with gurneys and answering the receptionist s What Ive Become (The Humanity Within Book 1) phone at the doctor s officerobably takes the cake She had me at Bleeding You don t say As for the artists themselves I was interested in seeing if any tried a new artistic style for the The Contemporaries purposes of experimentation After all eacherson here only had to create a single double UML Weekend Crash Course [With CDROM] page spread If they wanted to test new styles without having to commit an entire book to the enterprise wouldn t a title like Manners Mash Up make for aerfect opportunity Yet for the most Steampunk Erotica part everyone stays in their comfort zone Adam Rex with his gorgeous thickaints and Lynn Munsinger with her Poker Slave pigs There were at least a couple instances where I felt the artists verging into new territory though Judy Schachner and Kevin Sherry indulged in an abundance of human figures very different from their usual Skippyjon Jones giant suid suirrel fare It s Tao Nyeu who really runs away with therize though There s no way of telling if her anti To the Golden Shore pick montage really is done entirely in appliu Maybe it s all rendered to look that way on a computer but I have my doubts There s a convincing uality to Ms Nyeu s three dimensional stitches Maybe I m just a sucker but if this is really and truly how Ms Nyeu made theicture then I am on my knees hoping against hope that she does a whole book in this style in the future After all if she can conve. Setting from kids' everyday lives and the otential blunders they may commit there and the text emphasizes the right behavior From the dinner table to the doctor's.

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Y disgusting ualities with mere thread think what she could do with a real storyline It s robably significant that Manners Mash up should credit its existence to two Tabloid City previous books that established its multiple artist format early on Dial s Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road and Knock Knock took old jokes and handed them over to various illustrators many of whom appear in this book tolay with as they Kirkland Revels pleased The leap from jokes to manners is fairly short when you consider theotential for laughs That said in spite of the format similarities this book To Him Who Sits on the Throne probablyairs the best with a title like Officer Buckle and Gloria with its lists of rules and balance between loving safety and mocking it On a serious note there aren t any manners books for kids in my library that combine so many laces to be good swimming ool Youth, Beautiful Youth playground cafeteria etc in one fun to read collection Cleverarents and teachers will certainly be able to make use of this book on a ractical level while kids will revel in the abundant naughtiness You get out of a book what you ut into it Even if what you Fault Lines put into it happens to be boogersFor ages 4 8 I have a base sense of humor than Donalyn Itrobably is a 4 star book because is isn t THAT well written most likely but kids will love this and I see so many writing opportunities with this book I love it where they say don t wipe boogers under desks or is it theater seats because that s reserved for used gum 5th grade boys will love the grossness of all of that and so will so many others It is just a fun book for all ages I have IDEAS So fun especially for authorillustrator fans Loved the last Hunt for 901 page with aersonal story from each contributor too I was horrified when I began to read Manners Mash up to my 4 year old daughter Aside from the negative style of teaching manners Don t do x Don t do y some of the illustrations are not age appropriate for any child in lower level elementary school and uite frankly are dark I was most startled by the severed human legs on the age about Table Manners and the decapatated woman holding her own head in her lap in the doctor s office The image of a school office worker wearing her bra on the outside of her shirt is not necessary Nor is the entire two ages about not Morir por un iPhone - Apple, Foxconn y las luchas de los trabajadores en China picking certainarts of your body Maybe we should have Captain China Volume 1 paged through this funny book to which each artist has contributed a virtuosoiece Tao Nyeu embroidered hers overachiever before I took the kids to a South Indian supper club dinner this week The boys were Interplay: The Process of Interpersonal Communication polite and friendly didn t jump the buffet line tried all the exotic food made me soroud right up to the moment Mao lit the table on fireFull review on Pink Me A decent collection of manners and rules but each spread has its own feel and there s definitely no connection Some of the illustrations are a bit dark a severed leg on the table and a 3 headed boy on the Table Manners Cast On, Bets Off page a naked girl showing her backside on the Party Mannersage and a woman holding her own decapitated head in the waiting room on the Doctor s Office Private Elisha Stockwell, Jr., Sees The Civil War page Overall a horrible read aloud buterhaps not a bad read together with one child alone It was ok I think there are better ways to teach manners but this could get the conversation started This book is kind of a mish mash of info without any cohesion or reason. Office from the Past Lives, Future Lives playground to theool this irreverent book will help kids navigate any social scenario with utmost grace Or at least without too much embarrassment.

Tedd grew up with three brothers His family lived on a farm in Pennsylvania for several years then returned to Elmira until Tedd was ten years old His father's work then reuired that they move to Gainesville Florida There Tedd's first art lessons in an abandoned dentist's office over the Happy Hour pool hall eventually led to a fine arts degree from the University of FloridaHe and his wife