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Oward her with a spear in her hands trying to protect her mother but the soldiers make fun of her and knock the spear awayPage 292 Sir what shall I do with this lion s cub he calledPull her claws raged Pollio his avid gaze still on Boudica The Lioness is chained Do what ou like with the cub and with her sister let all the bitches spread their legs for Rome Boudica is powerless and can hardly bare what she is witnessing seeing her daughters being thrown to the ground and being raped she almost loses her mind and begins to beg to the gods to help her and what do Myself and Other More Important Matters you know the Raven goddess Morrigan answers her call And with a cry like a battlefield of ravens the Morrigan came in She straightened One by one She snapped the bonds Blood splattered from Boudica s ruined back as She turned Mouths working men cringed The soldiers who were holding the girls backed away The goddess picked up the man who was pumping atop Rigana and threw him aside broke the one who had Argantilla as well The others ranPollio stumbled back as She turned his face contorted in a rictus of fear She reached out and drew him into her embraceMercy he croaked Let me goAsou let them go The Morrigan indicated the weeping girlsBut I will be kinder than Downhill Slide you were I will not forceou to livePollio struggled as she gripped his head and twisted There was a sharp click He went limp and she let him fall I loved that part because Boudica kicked some ass and showed that men like Pollio are nothing but pigs and a women can take up for themselves if she applies herself and doesn t coward down just because he is a man To me she represents strength and independence and most importantly that women are just as eual as a manThere was another part of the story about the Druids Island that was conuered by the Romans eventually and of the priestess dedication though out the book One main priestess Lhiannon who was pretty interesting who went to Avalon for refuge about 4 times during the whole book to perform needed rituals but that was about it when it came to anything to deal with Avalon Lhiannon does end up becoming the High Priestess in the end but she does not live on AvalonOver all the book was interesting This is a preuel to Marion Zimmer Bradley s The Forest House Paxson worked closely on the Avalon stories with Bradley carrying on the tales with Bradley s blessing and as she d envisioned I think that that shows Paxson s version fits seamlessly with the others The truth for me is though Bradley was a pioneer and her Darkover novels gave me a lot of reading zip when I was in my twenties I prefer Paxson s writing style and also her characters they show subtlety depth and complexity than Bradley s did I really like historical novels that faithfully depict other paradigms even if we re not uite certain that the paradigm of the story maps over the ancient one Paxson s historical people don t think and act like 21st century people in undyed clothes This book is no exception Add to it the Ravens who are dangerous and fascinating and overlay that with the historical presence of ueen Boudica she who took on Rome and Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 you ve got a nifty read MY TAKE I really enjoyed this book and read it fairly uickly I always knew about Boudica being a Celtic heroine but had never read much than that The authors wove historical facts in seamlessly with the story of Avalon I really want to learn even about Boudica nowThis book veered a bit off the path from focusing on the story of the Isle of Avalon It was primarily the story of Boudica and Lhiannon both very strong women and their life long connection I liked that the relationship between them was explored alongside and against their relationships with the men both loved There were many familiar aspects of the Avalon series but this story was about Boudica and the struggle with Rome than the priestesses and Druids I felt the Avalon saga provided of a back story or backdrop even I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend it to any who enjoy historical fantasy the Arthurian legends and especially Marion Zimmer Bradley s Avalon series If a reader isn t familiar with the Avalon series it would be helpful to start with The Mists of Avalon before reading this story I think Diana Paxson has done a great job continuing this legacy and I hope to read MY RATING 45 This was a compelling story Of course I cared about Boudica and Llianon but I fell in love with Prasutigos I especially liked what Boudica did on her wedding day G And my heart went out to Ardanos as well as to Llianon when they discovered their mistake Also very moving were the battles on Mona and Boudica s final battle The sacking of Colonia Londinium and Verlamion were wrenching I could well understand Boudica s ambivalence matched my own The writing brought everything to life or death as the case may have beenFinally Bogle The best of dogs who reminded me of my own. Non survives and becomes the guardian of the Druid traditions in the new Roman Britannia as high priestess of the Forest House Epic in its sweep and peopled by the remarkable women who have always inhabited Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradleys Ravens of Avalon expands the legendary saga that has enchanted millions of readers over theears and is sure to please Bradleys loyal readership and anyone who loves wonderfully told stories of history myth and fantasy.

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Isle The great Boudica rouses the British tribes and fight valiantly to drive the Romans out A well written and passionate account the author stays true to the stories and the legends created in the brilliant imagination of Marion Zimmer Bradley whose health was failing when the Forest House was being written This is the backstory of the Forest House Vivid descriptions and wonderful mythic writing in the pages of the book MZB is one of my all time favorite writers I like both her Avalon series and the Darkover stories and the common thread of strong women It s not often that people keep writing books after they die but MZB started to collaborate w Diane Paxton prior to her death and Paxton has continued writing based on the stories that MZB created With this novel though I was highly dissappointed First of all what I have always liked about the Avalon stories was that is was all about the women and not about the battles This story is still about the women but it s about the women IN battle and I just didn t find myself anywhere near as interested nor as rivited as in previous tales I wanted to get hooked but felt myself often skimming battle scene passages I wanted mysticism from the priestesses The time line is later when Rome is invaded and conuer Britan Boudica a famous female warrior is the main character and we follow her through life along with the Avalon priestesses and druids of her time Eh Like I said I was VERY dissappointed I wasn t sure about this book in the beginning but I am so glad I kept reading after I understood who all the tribes were and figured out how the time era was related to AvalonPersonally I thought the story wasn t focused around Avalon itself as in being in the location upon Tor This story is wrapped in Romes Conuest of Britannia and the rebellion by ueen BoudicaThis was my first time to read anything about ueen Boudica and I have to say I loved her as a hero even though her last war was lost She is a legend for her fierceness and leadership in fighting to win back the rights and freedoms and most importantly the lands that belonged to her peopleThis time period kind of reminds me of the times we live in only not as barberic as they lived back then but close enough since we now kill with technology and weapons powerful than swords and spears What I mean when I say it reminds me of the times we live in is how other countries that hunger for power How socialism played a rolled when Rome started taking over Britannia when they first started selling the finer things in life such as jewerly wine and different lugeries that the tribes never even thought of When as season changed the land not producing enough food to feed the tribes own people through the winters Rome was nice enough to lend the supplies to get them through the tough times with a contract stating they could pay them back with taxes and over time their debts would be paid thats up until that got greedy and wanted all the monies to be paid in full for what the tribes owedWell Power and Greed takes over and the Romans know that these tribes can t pay their debts so they take their rights away such as taking all their weapons away so they can t fight them and then they start taking their live stock away their children and wives away to sell off as slaves in Roman villages and most important they started taking the land away because the other things became not valueable enough to pay the debtAll I can say is all this reminded me of how things are today and how history is repeating itself as socialism is being forced upon usBack to the book the story of Boudica was excelent and my favorite part is on pages 289 to 293 In short Boudica s husband has died and by her husbands wishes in his will Boudica is to serve as ueen until their daughters are old enough to marry and serve as rulers but Rome doesn t rule with women and the soldiers tax collectors come to take what is theirs One soldier inparticular has always had his eye on Boudica but she has always refused him because she loved her husband but he is tired of being rejected and comes to take his revenge but Boudica is stronger than he thinksPage 290 291 after Boudica and the soldier Pollio scuffels Take her Pollio rolled free of his smoldering cloak still curled in agony Get me out of hereMore men pushed through the door These were soldiers not tax collectors The ones who dragged Boudica out into the Audrey Hepburn yard had muscles like rope and hands of iron Others followed supporting Pollio His face was the color of whey as he tried to standIfou don t like my cock I have other weapons he gasped Tie her to that He pointed to the fenced forecourt of the Men s House Flog her until she bleeds Boudica is then tied spread eagled to the post and her clothes were ripped from the top part of her body and the flogging begins mean while one of her daughters who is 16 rs old starts running Vens of Avalon follows the journey of Boudica a Celtic princess and Lhiannon a priestess who is Boudicas mentor on the Druid isle When the Romans conuer Britain Lhiannon fights them while Boudica is married to a king who has surrendered Theirs is a great love story but when he dies the Romans brutalize her and her daughters In rage Boudica raises the British tribes and nearly succeeds in driving the Romans from Britain claiming a place in history Lhian.

This is the first story I have read about Boudica I have been a fan of hers for awhile I enjoyed the story The beginning was slow and therefore hard to get into the story at first It did pick up and I am glad I stuck it out It took me awhile to get through this book After reading this book I did a little research about the historical Boudica For the most part I would say that Paxson holds well to the historical record of Boudica while incorporating the mythology of Marion Zimmer Bradley s Avalon series From the outset I expected the battle that Boudica is famous for to occur within the first half of the book but the whole thing actually leads up to it as the final climaxThe book progresses in typical Bradley fashion following the lives of Boudica and Lhiannon as they intersect and divide like two parallel lines on a page The sub plots build and taper off dealing with the typical issues of romance religion and cultural differences Lhiannon stays in her role as priestess seemingly never allowed to realize her full potential despite prophecy and ambition Boudica leaves Mona to be wed to the powerful King Prasutagos in the midst of a Roman takeover Despite the power that these two women are certain resides in Brittania their people lack the organization and man power of the Roman Empire Defeat after defeat only gives them reason to seek out peaceLhiannon s role seems to be that of victim as she loses first in religious ambition then in romantic ambition and finally losing her best friend Even so I can t help feeling sorry for her and hoping that something will work out in her favor The one thing that seems to go her way is when she adopts a girl Caillean whom the reader never actually gets to meetBoudica s role morphs as the plot progresses from wife to mother and finally to ueen For me the most moving sub plot was Boudica s miscarriage I cried This also involved the only loose end that really bugged me the Morrigan addressing her lost son without really giving her an answer Despite that what drove her to become the great ueen that she is most known for is her love for her children and her anger at their treatment by the Romans The way that she responded to these kinds of injustices are what humanized her and made her choices relateable In the end it was obvious that though she knew she had no room for regret in her choices she likely wondered if there was truly any way that the peoples of Britannia could have defeated the RomansThough this book did take a long time for me to read I still felt that it stayed true to the writing style of the late Bradley and was an appreciated addition to the Avalon series 35 stars Paxon is a really good writer but like other people have said she lacks atmosphere She needs to describe the air and sky Also as with a few other of the Avalon books the pacing is really jarring Years go by when it really doesn t feel like ears The timeline keeps leaping forward People are suddenly in their thirties when they were seemingly just twelve Wo Milch und Honig fließen years old About sixteenears goes by in the novel but it only feels to the reader like five The Scarecrows years Technically I shouldn t complain since I don t know the secret to making it feel like time is going by but I ve read a few stories where the reader honestly felt theears grinding by and it didn t even have to be an overly lengthy book either I was eager to read a novel that followed up on The Mists of Avalon a 5 star book if ever there was one and took this up for a cozy winter read Well cozy it was not First this was not written by Marion Zimmer Bradley It is among the preuels and seuels of The Mists of Avalon written mostly by Diana Paxson some of which were with Marion ZB I was happy to read it and also happy to finish it It covers the period of time when Romans conuered and occupied Briton There are very many battles described in detail and I think the historical research done for the book is excellent On top of all that there are the fictional characters The role of women particularly Druid priestesses of the magical island and Boudica in particular is given Boudica s life including her marriage and her role in the British resistance is written very well Here she is a warrior as well as a loving mother and wife Many other characters are richly drawn and memorable such as Lhiannon a priestess who serves as nurse healer and seer Here is a uote I would like to remember You are not this pain Circles in the Dust you are not this body Added to comfort and instruct someone who is dying From all oaths roles responsibilities that boundou be free You are light ou are joy that cannot die Rise beloved one holy one Be at peace This is an amazing story of the legendary figure Boudica a Celtic princess and her mentor Lhiannon a priestess on the Druid s Isle This is a tale of passion and war The war is for the rule of Britain between the Romans and the people who inhabit the. Discover the dawn of the mythical legend of Avalon in the long awaited preuel to Marion Zimmer Bradleys The Forest House Diana L Paxson expands Marion Zimmer Bradleys beloved and bestselling Avalon series in a dramatic new installment Marion Zimmer Bradleys Ravens of Avalon is the preuel to The Forest House and tells the story of the Roman conuest of Britain and the origin of the Forest House that preceded the return to Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradleys Ra.

EBOOK READ Ravens of Avalon

Diana L Paxson born 1943 is a novelist and author of nonfiction primarily in the fields of Paganism and Heathenism Her published works include fantasy and historical fiction novels as well as numerous short stories More recently she has also published nonfiction books about Pagan and Heathen religions and practicesIn addition to her multiple novels and collaborations she has written over