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An insight into the loss of pride and dignity on Indian reservationsThis is the follow on story about Lucie West captured by Apaches in the book High Plains Bride It is twenty years later and she has returned from her parent s home in California to work in a mission school for children who have been torn away from their parents on the Indian ReservationUnknown to her Eagle Dancer the Apache she married unwillingly is on this reservation and has asked Sky Fox the former white captive Sky and Lucie Wonderful book and well written two lonely souls who find true love and and everlasting peace with each other would highly recommend They got their HEA Interesting book The author works to get readers to empathize with the plight of Native Americans from the late 1800s I thought the jailbreak in Chapter 15 was a little far fetched but the author managed to make it work There were some good emotional scenes I liked His Dakota Captive view spoilerIt s not really about the heroine being a captive in this bookas in the blurb Sky just took her away for a bit to talk to her It is about how she was changed by her idnapping and marriage to Eagle Dancer as a child and Sky s former life with the Lakota It has been a few weeks since I read High Plains Bride but I thought Lucie was closer to 15 when she was rescued in that book but in this seuel it said she was still 13 wh. Being a prisoner of the Sioux Indians has scarred Lucie West inside and out Just when she's starting to overcome the demons of her past Sky Fox a former cap.

E–pub New His Dakota Captive ↠ Jenna Kernan

En rescued This story picks up 20 years later I did feel ind of bad for Eagle Dancer who was still in love with her I hoped they would get closure and talk it out but it was handled well enough hide spoiler His Dakota Bride Trail Blazers Western Historical RomanceSky was asked by his friend and mentor to go to the Indian school and to ask Lucie to come back to see him This was not an easy task to ask of one s friend Lucie was not exactly an ordinary woman and she had a history with no friend Both Sky and Lucie had suffered much loss in their lives and their lives were mirror images of each other they just did not now it right now It would take great courage and heart s that were willing to sacrifice everything to make this journey Only time would tell just how it would end or if it would be worth the effort This is a Great Read I loved the plot and the characters The setting too was really captivating with a lot of understanding and sympathy given to the Indian troubles The white people are often seen as blinkered prejudiced and rottenHowever there were continuity issues in the writting of the text that should have been corrected at the editorial stage After being disappointed by Sierra Bride a previous Kernan title I had high hopes for His Dakota Captive only to be disappointed again What annoys me the most is this is an author will ten novels to her Tive himself takes her hostage Determined to escape Lucie is eually determined to deny her attraction to the rugged outcastSky needs Lucie's help to save an.

Ame yet I Cinderella for a Night (36 Hours, kept tripping over a myriad of errors in this book In one sentence the heroine is Lucie West was captured scarred and married to Eagle Dancer Sioux Indian He saved her from enslavement to be his wife Her parents rescued her and took her East butept her as a virtual prisoner in fear of her being stolen again When she could stand it no she ran away and took a teaching job at an Indian school Eagle Dancer sends Sky Fox to bring her back to him Sky was also captured but as a very young child and raised as Indian As a young man he was pulled from the tribe and sent to the white world where he never fit in He owes a debt and goes for Lucie How these 2 lonely outsiders fulfill their debts and find a place for themselves is a good story His Dakota Captive by Jenna KernanSkylar Sky Fox rescued as infant from the wagon of his dead parents by Sioux Indian Ten Horses He grows toward manhood in the Bitterroot tribe until on one faithful day he Friend Foe kills his best friend in a hunting accident He is sent away before the father of his friend canill him Lucie West Captive of the Sioux and slave to the mother of Eagle Dancer Given the choice at 13 of being a slave and beaten daily or becoming wife to Eagle Dancer she chooses wife Shortly after that she is rescued by her family Despite the weird title and that it is a Harleuin book this one was actually really good. Innocent man from the hangman's noose Seeing past her scars to the brave beauty beneath Sky is increasingly drawn to her Can he endanger the woman he loves.

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