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So just happen to be Vampires Dillon Cash used to be the biggest geek in Skull Creek until he inadvertently got between two warring vampires losing his human life in the process Now he s back and better than ver in fact Bark except for whole burning to a crisp in the sun thingy and a small aversion to garlic his new life rocks This former nerdy computer tech s been transformed into a hunka hunka burning vampire love andvery woman in town wants a piece of him Meg Sweeny or Manhandler Meg as she s been known since high school can t believe the changes in her old friend Dillon Now not only does she want his body but she wants his secret as well You see Meg is a closeted geek and if Dillon can suddenly morph into a stud then theres a chance that with a little of his instruction she can become the much desired sex kitten she s always wanted to be too All Dillon wants to do is On Such a Full Sea erase his geeky reputation and blaze a trail as the towns studliest guy possiblyven Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! emerging 1 on the coveted Randiest Rooster list But theres something about his old pal Meg he can t refuse she see s past his new muscles and heartthrob status and damn if he hadn t always thought she was irresistible anyways Our couplengage in a cat and mouse game of who s seducing who and of course lose their hearts in the processAlthough I didn t Cannibal enjoy this as much as Dead Sexy this was still a good read My only real problem being that geek heroes just don t do it for me and regardless of his hot vampire makeover I never felt much of anything for Dillon Even the love scenes which are plenty spicy didn t work for me But that s just me However the truly great thing about this series besides the fact that it s frigging hilarious is the awesome cast of unconventional townsfolk and the crazy adventures they manage to get themselves into Raye has written this in such anndearing fun way that I find myself wanting to move to Skull Creek just so that I can spend Friday nights at Joe Bob s Bar and Grill and buy my groceries at the local Piggly Wiggly Not to mention the fact that I might bag myself a cowboy Vamp and make it onto the Gazette s hot chicks list Cheers What made this book two stars for me was some glaringly obvious oversights and sillinessat least to me Case in point Dillon s parents OK so your son has been missing for two months and the best you can do is camp out at his house and jump any shadow passing by Then they just go away Also his BF sees him but makes not Mastered (The Enforcers, effort to tell his obviously worried parents that he s okay She doesn t call him on that beyond the one mentionMaybe I missed somethingThe part where the parents mistakenly jump Meg could have been funny should have been funny but it just didn t do it for me I really wanted to like this book I am a vampire junkie but this book just wasn t as good as the others I ve read in the series SlowSlow read that felt all over the place at times Badly neededditing but the story just didn t flow for me When last we saw Dillon the town geek had just gotten himself turned into a vampire by virtue of getting in the middle of something he shouldn t Now the new and improved Dillon deep down is convinced he s still a geek Well maybe More importantly he s a real zero See he s determined to prove his manliness by out boinking the last town lothario So far he s only a single individual female short of the record of 300 women Only the previous guy took a lifetime he s taken 2 months He breaks the record with the boinking of the h Yeah man ho zeroIt gets worse The h is his best friend The h has been celibate for some time because it bothered her that her only 3 Man, Son of Man encounters she was the aggressor The H can read her The H is aware of that The Hssentially teases her until she jumps him thus Alter Ego essentially playing upon her issues The H bolts from her bed before the mattress has stopped shaking The H wonders why she goes out with someonelse the next nightI wonder why she didn t trash his reputation in revenge I would have He would have overheard with his super vampire hearing women gossiping that they d heard he had the ClapAnd he wondered why she was reluctant to admit she loved him Asshat. E unleashed inside her She just needs a little instructionDillon's never been able to refuse his best pal Meg anythingeven sex lessons Little does he guess that one life changing night in her bed will leave him dying to live aga.

I njoyed this light hearted yet still hot read by Kimberly Raye Once tomboy Meg has had it with her Man Handler Meg reputation She wants to be feminine hot and sexy And by gosh she s already read verything copy and on line she can get her hands on but unfortunately nobody in town can forget the tomboy WHOA What s up with her geek buddy Dillon They ve always been the odd ones out but all of a sudden he s uite the hottie with a different woman Uncommon Wisdom every night No fair She ll just have tonsure he s willing to share his secret with herDillon knows there s no big secret he s a vampire now and no woman can resist the allureexcept Meg Hey what s up with that And why is that bugging him so much I m fairly Unseen City embarrassed to admit that I read this but it came through the sort room for the library book sale and I picked it up because the premise of cowboy vampires sounded too hokey to resist The writing was surprisingly solid but themphasis on sex was a bit much and the characterization was lacking It was better than I Art expected from a romance serial though This review is for the audio book as sold by Audible Drop Dead Gorgeous is the second in the series of vampire romances set in Skull Creek TexasUntil recently Dillon Cash was the biggest geek in town the one person you went to if you had computer issues and the last person anyone wouldxpect to attract women But God Is in the Crowd everything changed the day Garret bit him and Jake saved his life by turning him He woke with a body that can t be ignored and the vampire charisma that seals the deal So armed with his new powers he sets out to beat the city record for the number of women he can seduce and bed after all he lives on a mix of blood and sexualnergy so there s truly nothing wrong with what he s doing That is until his best friend Meg Sweeny finally tracks him down to find out why he s been dodging not just her attempts to contact him but his parents When she sees how he s changed not knowing that it s because he s a vampire she all but begs him to teach her how to be that sexy She s desperate to shake off the image of the tom boy she s had since high school and if her best friend can transform than so can sheThe attraction between the two has always been there they were simply unable to grasp it and push past their own problems Especially Meg who carries with her a fear of losing the ones she loves ver since her father passed away So all she wants is that magical something that will get her on the top sexy women list in town As for Dillon he s terrified that when he finds the ancient who turned Garret and that vampire is killed returning all those he turned and then the ones they also turned back to human that he will become his old geeky self again and lose Meg The dance between the two main characters is interesting as they both use their concernsfears as walls to keep anyone from becoming too close and I love the setting though if many vampires turn up in Skull Creek they re going to find themselves hard pressed to find someone to feed offThe only downside to this book was the narrator Although she could put some animation into the dialogue anything lse came across almost in a monotone She really didn t suit this type of novel at all Dillon Cash the biggest geek in Skull Creek Texas morphs into a super stud muffin overnight His best friend Meg Sweeney also a former geek wants to know the secret behind the sexy cowboy s transformation Dillon agrees to give Meg lessons while trying not to reveal to her the vampire The Matriarchs (The Family encounter that ultimately changed him into the most sought after bachelor in townDillon Cash along with his friends Garrett and Jake could send just about any woman into ovary overload OH MY Iven Notes for the Everlost enjoyed Meg s character and the humor that was written into this short novel Keep youryes open for a scene with Meg s Big Tamale that has three buttons vibrate swivel and aye carumbaI picked up a copy of DROP DEAD GORGEOUS after reading Julie s great review of it last week I m a sucker for the whole best friends turned lovers theme although I have to admit I was a little leery because this book is a paranormal romance Have I mentioned yet that. Dillon Cash used to be the biggest geek in Skull Creek Texas until a vampire When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) encounter changed him into a lean mean sex machine Nowvery woman in town wants a piece of the hunky cowboy Meg Sweeney can't get over her old friend.

This was the very first paranormal that I have actually finishedCan t wait until Garrett s story is released I highly recommend this one if you want a short and sexy read This book surpassed the first one it was better on all accounts The hH their relationship the plot and the humor Nice light read If you like No Biggy! erotica fun paranormal romances with a few hot sex scenes and lots of sexual tension nerdy heroes strange family relationships long time friends turning lovers and a plethora of secondary characters this one could be for you 3 35 starsThis was annjoyable story I liked Meg and Dillon and their story was good This was the first story I ve read by this author and it was Crush It! enjoyablenough that I might try of her work in the futureMeg is the owner of a clothing bouuet in the small town of Skull Creek Meg lost her mother at a very young age and was raised by her father who was the coach at the local high school She grew up a tomboy and was better at sports than most Her father died when she was still a teen and it affected her deeply causing her to completely change herself and become ladylike Unfortunately she was never able to shed her tomboy reputation and has a hard time finding datesDillon is a vampire that used to be a computer geek He grew up with very protective parents and felt smothered his whole life He opened a computer shop in his home town but had problems getting any women to take him seriously Dillon got turned into a vampire to save his life when he was critically injured while helping someone With his new vampirism Dillon found that women threw themselves at him and he decided to take advantageDillon and Meg were best friends as children and in their teens they found solace in Attracting Birds to Your Backyard each other and their sharedxclusion from the dating scene in their town Dillon was seen as too much of a geek for girls to like him and Meg was seen as a tomboy and all the guys thought of her as one of the guys and not as an attractive female They actually tried Deep Listening experimenting with some kissing between them but neither was very good and theynded it in disappointment deciding just to be friends from then on Dillon and Meg stayed friends and still saw ach other regularly until a couple months before the start of the book which was around the time that Dillon got changed into a vampire Meg is trying desperately to change her image in Skull Creek and get named in the semiannual list of the sexiest women in town She recently heard rumors that Dillon had been seen dating some of the most ligible women in town and she can t figure out how he was able to change his reputation Meg hasn t seen Dillon in a couple months and really wants to find him so she can see how he accomplished his transformation When she does find Dillon they make a deal where Dillon helps her be sexy and she helps him with some fashion advice Dillon has always had a bit of a thing for Meg and with his change he feels the confidence to go after Meg Meg is reluctant not willing to admit any feelings for Dillon because she s sure she d lose him in the The Works of Saint Augustine end Regardless of her fears and other issues Dillon and Meg do work through things andnd the story starting towards a HEA togetherThis was an Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone enjoyable story I liked Meg and Dillonneither character really grabbed me but they were likablenough Overall the story was goodI may go back to try book 1 at some point note I listened to the audio version of this book and the narrator did a pretty good job It was the best sex she d had in months The only sex Which wouldn t be such a bad thing My Teacher Is a Robot except that thelusive O came courtesy of a red vibrator called the Big Tamale rather than some hot buff cowboy with a slow hand and an intoxicating smile So with an opening paragraph like this you know you re in for a fun ride and for the most part DROP DEAD GORGEOUS doesn t disappoint This is book 2 from Kimberly Raye s sexy and hilarious Love At First Bite trilogy Set in Skull Creek Texas these uickie romances follow the small town antics and love connections of some rather ccentric but completely likable women as they get their groove on and find true love with gorgeous Texan cowboys who al. Dillon's transformation Not only does she want him but she's also dying to figure out how he did it Because Meg is a former geek herself If Dillon can suddenly morph into a stud who's to say there isn't a sex kitten waiting to

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Drop Dead Gorgeous Harleuin Blaze E–pub New

I've always been an incurable romantic While I enjoy reading all types of fiction my favorites the books that touch my soul are romance novels From sexy to thrilling sweet to humorous I like them all But what I really love is writing romance the hotter the betterI started my first novel back in high school and have been writing ever since To date I've published over thirty novels one