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Ix of stories that were all enjoyable. With the Tycoon Lee WilkinsonWhen millionaire tycoon Graydon comforts Rebecca at her ex fiancé’s wedding she is surprised to wake up next to him the following day Then Gray makes a proposal – he wants to take her on a business trip She has to accept but does Gray want to mix business with pleasure.

Reading them in the 3 1 book A good Heir arrangement was imited to the bedroomHer Tycoon Protector Amanda BrowningShelby Greer is being threatened and needs protection But when her bodyguard is hired she never expected it to be sexy charming magnate Gray Compton the man she never stopped oving Will he keep things professionalOne Night.

I reviewed these separately despite. Taken by a seriously sexy business tycoonOn the Tycoon’s Terms Sandra FieldLuke McRae’s dark good ooks made him a magnet for women but no one had managed to break into his heartuntil he met Katrin Sigurdson The powerful and aloof businessman vowed to make Katrin his mistress – but he made sure

(EBOOK FREE) Her Tycoon Lover

Jill MacLean was born on 1941 in England UK In 1950 her family moved to Nova Scotia CanadaAfter receiving her Bachelor of Science with honours from Dalhousie University she married She worked at the Fisheries Research Board until her daughter was born Following the birth of her son she was employed by the pathology laboratory of Sydney City Hospital and the biology department of Mount Allison University More recently she completed a Masters in Theological Studies at the Atlantic School of Theology; her thesis juxtaposed Hebrew concepts of chaos in the book of Job with modern chaos theoryWhen her husband joined the Armed Forces as a chaplain she had to stop working They moved three times in the first 18 months the last move was to Prince Edward Island By then her children were in school; she couldn't get a job; and at the local bridge club she kept forgetting not to trump her partner's aceHowever she had always loved to read fascinated by the lure of being drawn into the other world of the story So one day she bought a dozen Harleuin novels read and analyzed them then sat down and wrote one Her first book To Trust My Love typed with four fingers was published in 1974 as Sandra Field she believes she's curiously the first Canadian to write for Harleuin During the four years she lived in Prince Edward Island she researched an 18th century French settlement located near present day Brudenell resulting in a historical book Jean Pierre Roma published in 1977 under her real name She also started to write in collaboration with other Martimer writer under the pseudonym Jan MacLean She also used to singed her novels the pseudonym of Jocelyn Haley Her pseudonyms was an attempt to prevent the congregation from finding out what the chaplain's wife was up to in her spare timeBefore she turned 40 her life was changed she had lost three of the most important women in her life her mother and sister to illness and her seventeen year old daughter to a car accident and she separated from her husband in 1976 One of the lasting legacies of the grief caused by these losses has been the idea that it is impossible and undesirable to live every waking moment in the knowledge that loss can strike at any timeShe's been very fortunate for years to be able to combine a love of travel particularly to the north she doesn't do heat well with her writing by describing settings that most people will probably never visit And there's always the challenge of making the heroine's long underwear sound romantic Her novels has been translated into Spanish French Portuguese German Italian Greek Dutch Swedish Yugoslavian Japanese and sold in than 90 countries Her first collection of poetry The Brevity of Red was published in 2003 When her nine years old grandson Stuart asked him a book for him she wrote her first Children's book and decided continued writing this type of booksJill now lives in Bedford Nova Scotia and she's lived most of her life in the Maritimes of Canada within reach of the sea Kayaking and canoeing hiking and gardening listening to music and reading are all sources of great pleasure But best of all are good friends some going back to high school days and her family In Newfoundland she has a beautiful daughter in law and the two most delightful handsome and intelligent grandchildren in the world of course