(EBOOK NEW) Hearing the Call Author Mark R. Gornik

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Further I was challenged by his critiue of the American Church There were moments when I felt like Wolterstorff had put into words ideas that have been germinating in my mind for some time There were other moments that I heartily disagreed or at least took umbrage with his xegesis of Scripture Throughout I was glad that I found this book among the millions at my university library and put it on my short list of books to read simply feasting on this book of Love for Imperfect Things essays by Nick Wolterstorff I can t recommend this booknough The Bible is a book about justice insightful perspectives and a moving personal account of the author s own journey to open our hearts to his message These days I m slowly reading through a hefty collection of ssays by Yale philosophy professor Nicholas Wolterstorff from him here here and here published under the title Hearing the Call Liturgy Justice Church and World EerdmansIf you follow me on Twitter you ve no doubt seen some scattered uotes I ve shared Here s one that reuires than 140 characters and than a mere passing glance In it he discusses the relationship between liturgy and justice and how the two need not be at odds See at. He forthcoming Love and Justice and Justice this book makes clear why Wolterstorff is one of the church’s most incisive and compelling voices Between the Times invites us not simply into new ways of thinking but a transformational way of li.

A clear argument for Christians to view justice as part of liturgy that moves from a theoretical discussion to real contextual applications which challenges readers to think about their response or lack thereof Doesn t hurt that Wolterstoff shifts asily from a theoretical discussion to Taking Instruction (Taboo, effusive descriptions of what he clearly is passionate or concerned about This collection ofssays dealing with topics of justice liturgy the church and the world combines political philosophy theology personal reflection testimony Meditative challenging beautiful Wolterstorff ably pulls together all the themes he addresses into the integrated whole of the Christian s call to pursue shalom Or rather he shows us the integrated nature of shalom that always was there I appreciate that the collection contains pieces that are intellectually rigorous and head orient Nicholas Wolterstorff writes with joie de vivre and full of life as he Language and Linguistics engages in the complex network that is liturgical pra Anthologies ofssays are hard to rate because oftentimes some are utterly forgettable while others are unbelievably powerful Given that the two dozen or so ssays in this book cover fift. What is the Word of the Lord for a world of injustice What does it mean to hear the cries of the oppressed What does liturgy have to do with justice These uestions have been at the heart of Nicholas Wolterstorff’s work for over forty years.

Y years of Wolterstorff s career that is absolutely the case here I found however that Wolterstorff has some incredible insights that are well worth contemplating He speaks louently about the role of justice within the framework of faith but not your politician s justice a deeper life giving justice He makes several provocative and indeed somewhat radical at least in the context of the Reformed tradition in which he writes The first is the concept that God has a special concern for the poor rooted in the idea that in the pain suffered through injustice God himself suffers The second is the idea that true justice is not merely retributive but restorative as well While this doesn t jive well with modern political sensibilities it does have formidable Scriptural backing Other Love Is a Fairy Tale essays touch on music church architecture women in ministry the role of liturgy and thexperience he has had in seeking justice in apartheid South Africa and on behalf of the Palestinians Overall it s an Promise at Dawn excellent book and itsssays will I believe serve as useful references for a long time to come Though perhaps I am not as progressive as Wolterstorff I thoroughly njoyed this book. In this collection of ssays he brings together personal historical theological and contemporary perspectives to issue a passionate call to work for justice and peaceAn ssential complement to his now classic Until Justice and Peace Embrace

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(EBOOK NEW) Hearing the Call Author Mark R. Gornik