PDF FREE [Be the Boss of Your Body Kit with Sleep Book] BY Timothy Culbert

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Elax In addition earning these body boss skills will help you sleep better and take care of yourself•    Belly breathing•    Positive self talk•    Self suggestion•    Aromatherapy•    Acupressure•    MassageActivities to earn and practice these skills are provided in the book The include.

Opeful and supported by oved ones you will sleep better and feel refreshed and energized by sleep You’ll also get sick The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, less often and recover uicker when you are sick or injured A number of things can help you sleep better such as a regular bed timeots of exercise eating healthy foods and doing things to help you

Be the Boss of Your Sleep speaks to kids ages 8 and up with this message If sleep troubles are making you feel ousy you can do things to get your body mind and spirit working together to get back to feeling your best When you eat well and get enough exercise think positively and believe you can help yourself and feel

PDF FREE Be the Boss of Your Body Kit with Sleep Book BY Timothy Culbert

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