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Romantic Narrative EBOOK / PDF

Often identified with its lyric oetry Romanticism has come to be dismissed by historicists as an ineffectual idealism By focusing on Romantic narrative noted humanist Tilottama Rajan takes issue with this identification as well as with the euation of narrative itself with the governmental apparatus of the Novel Exploring the role of narrativity in the works of Romantic writers Rajan also reflects on larger disciplinary issues such as the role of

Oetry versus Discover the Seasons prose in an emergent modernity and thelace of Romanticism itself in a Victorianized nineteenth centuryWhile engaging both genres Romantic Narrative responds to the current critical shift from Science in Ancient Egypt poetry torose by concentrating How To Take Care of Your Human Pet paradoxically on aoetics of narrative in Romantic To Be Read Before Midnight prose fiction Rajan argues thatoiesis as a mode of thinking is Romanticism’s legacy to an age of rose She elucidates this thesis through careful readings

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F Shelley’s Alastor and his Gothic novels Godwin’s Caleb Williams and St Leon Hays’ Memoirs of Emma Courtney and Wollstonecraft’s The Wrongs of WomanRajan winner of the Keats Shelley Association's Distinguished Lifetime Award and a fellow of the Royal Society of Canada is one of Romanticism’s leading scholars Effective articulate and readable Romantic Narrative will appeal to scholars in both nineteenth century studies and narrative theor.