PDF [ A Desired Past: A Short History of Same–Sex Love in America] Auteur Leila J. Rupp

Ale behavior I can understand romantic friendships as Rupp describes them Most girls go through this stage as young adolescents and throughout their lives most women treasure their female friends who often are able to provide necessary motional support than their husbands Yet somehow it seems sad to me that lesbians live their lives outside the fulfillment of diffuse female sexuality which involves a male partner pregnancy nursing a rich heterosexual family life revealing and informativea good read This is an historical High Tide at Midnight essay but neverthelessngaging like a romance Reccomended to whom wants their stories to be history. Uals races and classes or take in such a broad chronological and thematic range but rather that it does all this with such verve lucidity and analytical rigor An legant inspiring survey John Howard Journal of American Histor.

S the answers and no research thus far has xplained why things happen this way As a hetero wife and mother of four I must admit that I have very little understanding of the feelings of gays and lesbians Deceptive Beauties especially since my own view of female sexuality is not limited to just the male female attraction and copulation To me female sexuality is that and much it is bound up also with maternity with conceiving bearing and raising one s children with breast feeding one s babies with nurturing a family with holding grandchildren in your arms Rupp makes one weak reference to diffuse female sexuality Yes it is diffuse compared to Ame sex desire across the country and the centuriesMostxtraordinary about Leila J Rupp's indeed short two hundred page history of 'same sex love and sexuality' is not that it manages to account for such a variety of individ.

Leila Rupp has done a competent job of Dangerous Work examining same sex relationships in American life beginning with colonial attitudes all the way through the coming out of the closetera of our own time She has laid aside her historian s objectivity to tell us bits of her own life story I hadn t realized that many same sex involvements were looked upon tolerantly inarlier times The Flavor and Soul entrenched positions pro and con that are present today are anomalies considering the history she provides One comes away from the book also with an appreciation for the confusions and mysteries that still cloud our view of same sex attachments No one ha. With this book Leila J Rupp accomplishes what few scholars haveven attempted she combines a vast array of scholarship on supposedly discrete pisodes in American history into an ntertaining and ntirely readable story of

PDF A Desired Past: A Short History of Same–Sex Love in America Auteur Leila J. Rupp

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