Iraq + 100: The First Anthology of Science Fiction to Have Emerged from Iraq (Free E–pub) ✓ By Hassan Blasim – editor

Ira + 100: The First Anthology of Science Fiction to Have Emerged from Ira (Free E–pub) ✓ By Hassan Blasim – editor

Blasim observes in the foreword that sci fi genre writing is not art of the modern Irai tradition and counts that as one of the challenges of this Hall of Mirrors project Some of the stories are expectedly a little clumsy not bad buterhaps not what a western audience would expect from science fiction Some stories are extraordinarily executed However the story Kuszib was so wild and thought Electric Machines and Power Systems provoking and gross and creepy and shocking I expect it will stay with me forever At least I hope it does Iraw 100 is according to Hassan Blasim the editor of thisroject the first anthology of science fiction to have emerged from Ira That alone makes it worthy of attention from the broader sci fi community There has been increased interest in non Anglo American sci fi in recent years but I admit I was actually surprised to see an anthology focused on Ira by Irai officers However it makes sense in that great art often thrives under adversitySo how are these stories as works of sci fi I think the one telling feature of the stories is that they are for the most Jon Stanton Series - Three Thrillers (White Angel Murder partretty heavily situated in Ira These aren t just sci fi stories by Irais they re sci fi stories about Ira The stories The Fundamental 5 presume some familiarity with Ira s history and Ira as a country Some of the stories envision an Ira in 100 years that is far better than the current situation This might limit the appeal of these stories for some readers used to sci fi not tied to a specificlace or region but the stories still do work on a universal levelAnother thing I found surprising about the anthology is that it s surprisingly optimistic given the current situation in Ira These writers value Ira s heritage and history of scholarship Some of them clearly hope Ira can one day reclaim its The Gate — Things my Mother told me. place as an intellectual capital of the world Hopefully this book helps set the country towards that goal by giving Irais a hopeful vision of the futureNote I received a copy of this book from theublisher in exchange for an honest review I found the stories thought Vanity Loves Company provoking but I had trouble feeling like I wasart of the world in most of the stories It s worth reading but not the kind of read that carries you away IRA 100 IS RATED 85%10 STORIES 2 GREAT 5 GOOD 3 AVERAGE 0 POOR 0 DNFWhat will Ira look like in the year 2103 That was the uestion. A groundbreaking audiobook anthology of science fiction from Ira that will challenge your erception of what it means to be the other This collection of short stories is masterfully edited by Hassan Blasim and features the following authors Hassan Blasim translated by Jonathan Wright Ali Bader translated by Elisabeth Jauette Diaa Jubaili translated by Andrew Leber Mortada Gzar translated by Katharine Halls Zhraa Alhaboby translated by Emre Bennett Khalid Kaki translated by Adam Talib Jalal Hasan translated by Max Weiss Anoud tr.

Proposed by writereditor Massan Blasim to Irai writers around the world The result is what is being hailed as The First Anthology of Science Fiction to Have Emerged from Ira Blasim is blunt about Irai Science Fiction in his introductionIrai literature suffers from a dire shortage of science fiction writing Perhaps the most obvious reason is that science fiction was allowed to track the development of actual science from about the middle of the nineteenth century onwards The same eriod was hardly a time of technological growth for Irais languishing under Georgian Mamluk then returning Ottoman overlords indeed some would say the sun set on Irai science centuries before as it set on their cultural and creative impulses in the wake of the Abbasid Caliphate Today there is great hope in a new generation a generation native to the internet and to globalization Serious attempts to write science fiction have started to appear especially not that science is so much easier to get hold ofThe future Ira s created by these authors are very unlike the science fictional futures traditionally The Team Handbook presented Aliens and robots appear but large global movements are important Many imagine an Ira still under control of anotherower often China Others imagine the United States shredded by its own religious extremists Still discuss extreme horrors in such a matter of fact way that modern readers would want to label these with a content warning but I feel would insult so many that have lived with and through those horrorsThis is an offbeat and alien collection and it is for those reasons that I strongly recommend it Thoughtful and strange visions of the future visions that are really of the Worldviews of Aspiring Powers present are what makes Science Fiction so interestingTwo stories in this anthology really stand out Baghdad Syndrome by Zhraa Alhaboby Trans Emre Bennett This is a beautiful and delicate story of an architect coming to grips with the fact that he has Bagdad Syndrome while he is designing a town suare He is haunted by exotic dreams that focus his attention on the history of the suare and its former occupants This is a bittersweet story told is crystallinerose Kuszib by Hassan Abdulrazzak Hard Ugly Brutal Extremely violent Weirdly sexual Angrily satirical This intense story follows a low level em. Anslated by herself Hassan Abdulrazzak translated by himself Ibrahim al Marashi translated by himself History is a hostage but it will bite through the gag you tie around its mouth bite through and still be heard Operation Daniel In a calm and serene world one has the luxury of imagining what the future might look like Now try to imagine that future when your way of life has been devastated by forces beyond your control Ira 100 oses a uestion to Irai authors those who still live in that nation and those who have joined the wor.

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Ployee and his wife who get the chance to take art in the Feast The gourmet festival highlights human delicacies Read that sentence again A savage allegory for the kindly horrors of colonial Discover the Seasons power andulling no Science in Ancient Egypt punches whatsoever You may not like this but you will not forget it Not a word is wastedIRA 100 IS RATED 85%10 STORIES 2 GREAT 5 GOOD 3 AVERAGE 0 POOR 0 DNF Kahramania by AnoudGood A young woman fleeing from an arranged marriage to a warlord seeks asylum with the Americans and finds herself aawns in a game of How To Take Care of Your Human Pet propaganda and bureaucracy The Gardens of Babylon by Hassan Blasin Trans Jonathan WrightGood An artist of video games living in Chinese controlled Irai domes needs help from asychedelic brain insect to find inspiration for a new work The Corporal by Ali Bader Trans Elisabeth JauetteGood An Irai solider killed by an American sniper in 2003 returns from the afterlife to experience the dramatic changes and tell his story The Worker by Diaa Jubaili Trans Andrew LeberAverage The Governor of Basra uses the horrors of life elsewhere to say that the horrors his To Be Read Before Midnight people are experiencing aren t that bad but there is someone else in that town suare The Day by Day Mosue by Mortada Gzar Trans Katharine HallsAverage 99 year old vinegar sparks a tale of a Snot Collector and a local mosue Baghdad Syndrome by Zhraa Alhaboby Trans Emre BennettGreat An architect who is slowly becoming blind the Baghdad Sydrome becomes fanatically focused on his lastroduct To design a town suare Operation Daniel by Khalid Kaki Trans Adam TalibAverage A Chinese overlord censors everything about the Christian Healing Rediscovered past but a few youngeople casually rebel Kuszib by Hassan AbdulrazzakGreat Brutal horrible disgusting and brilliantly conceived An alien couple go to a high end Feast where human delicacies are served An unforgettable inversion of the Irai occupation in horrific alien allegory The Here and Now Prison by Jalal Hassan Trans Max WeissGood The What Lies Beneath (Newbury and Hobbes, past including the dead exists within the Old City but one young couple with sneak inside to experience it Najufa by Ibrahim al MarashiGood A large family of Irai Alaskans now its own country make ailgrimage back to a Ira that has been transformed by benevolent AI The Reflektorem w mrok purpose of the trip become a very important turning moment in the family. Ldwide diaspora What might your home country look like in the year 2103 a century after a disastrous foreign invasion Using science fiction allegory and magical realism to challenge theerception of what it means to be the other this groundbreaking anthology contains stories that are heartbreakingly surreal and yet utterly recognizable to the human experience Though born out of exhaustion fear and despair Ira 100 is also fueled by themes of love family and endurance and woven through with a delicate thread of hope for the futu.